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Competition Heats Up To Head World Bank

The World Bank is expected to announce its new president in the next several days. For the past six decades, the bank has been led by an American. President Obama has already nominated Dartmouth College President Jim Yong Kim for the job. But for the first time in its more than 60-year history, there is serious international competition for the job.

Fannie, Freddie Weigh Mortgage Write-Downs

Some economists say the government-run enterprises should be allowed to help distressed homeowners by lowering their loan principals to reflect today's lower values. But critics of the move say it would cost taxpayers money and encourage strategic defaults.
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Hurricanes, Tornadoes & Severe Storms: Are you ready?

Tornadoes. Hurricanes. Severe Storms. Early-warning can protect people and property when severe weather hits. But how do you get people to actually HEED the warnings?

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New Rules for Everyday Foodies

Who should you ask for restaurant recommendations in an unfamiliar city? Which street vendor should you trust and which should you avoid? And why are places frequented by happy attractive people usually serving mediocre food? Answers to these questions and more...


For Economy, Government Work Is No Panacea

There are 700,000 fewer people working for state and local governments than there were before the recession. Although tax collections are improving, the public sector remains in no mood to hire.