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Farmers Decry Proposed Child Labor Law Changes

Many farmers are upset with the Obama administration over a proposal to change child labor laws for kids who work on farms. Many family farmers say the rule changes — a response to a number of high-profile farming accidents involving kids around the country — are well-intended but could put some businesses in a bind.

Occupy Offshoot Aims To Stop Foreclosures

Tuesday is billed as National Occupy Our Homes Day, and people are being asked to participate in some sort of civil disobedience at foreclosed, bank-owned homes. But a group in Madison, Wis., has been illegally moving people into foreclosed properties for the past couple of years.

For Mill Town's Youth, 'It Can't Get Any Worse'

East Millinocket, Maine, used to be a booming paper mill town that offered residents what was basically a guaranteed ticket into the middle class. But today young people are scrambling to find a new path. "It's a little scary because it's going to be tough," says high school senior Jared Lyons.
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USPS Processing Center Closings To Hit Maryland

The cash-strapped United State Postal Service will be closing 252 mail processing centers across the country next year, including two in Maryland.


Blotting — Not Squatting — In Detroit Neighborhoods

In Detroit, residents are blotting — creating a property between the size of a lot and a city block — by annexing or fencing off vacant land. It's being used to plant gardens, park cars and create suburban-style tracts in a city once packed with working class homes.