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With Sarkozy Out, Anti-Austerity Gains Ground

A Francois Hollande presidency in France might turn Europe away from the German-led austerity approach to debt that has been focused tightly on cutting debt. Hollande has pledged to pursue a pro-growth strategy which has struck a chord with jobless voters.

New 'Fortune 500' List Shows Record Earnings

The new Fortune 500 list that chronicles the largest American corporations was released on Monday. Melissa Block talks with Andy Serwer, managing editor for Fortune magazine, about which companies made the list this year and what that says about the current state of the economy.

What Do April's Job Numbers Mean?

Host Michel Martin discusses April's jobs report with Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., head of the Congressional Black Caucus, and NPR's Business Editor Marilyn Geewax. Just 115,000 jobs were created, fewer than most economists expected, but the unemployment rate fell to 8.1 percent.

'Seismic Shift' In Europe After French And Greek Elections

The election of Socialist Francois Hollande in France and the rejection of austerity policies in Greece raise serious questions about the future of the euro and the fate of the continent's economic union.

Before The IPO: A Private Market For Tech Shares

Facebook will soon go public, allowing anyone to buy shares of the social networking giant. But sophisticated investors have already been buying pieces of Facebook and other hot tech stocks, on private exchanges and secondary markets.

Austerity Loses As Greece's Fringe Parties Win Big

According to exit polls, angry Greek voters have overwhelmingly punished the two major parties that endorsed draconian international loan agreements. There is no front-runner in sight, but the fringe parties on the left and the right that strongly oppose the bailout terms have benefited the most.
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D.C.'s Affordable Housing Options Decrease

The number of affordable rental units in the city decreased by half over the past decade, according to the D.C. Fiscal Policy Institute's new report.