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The Income Gap, Explained With Candy Corn

The numbers detailing the income gap between rich and poor can be difficult to grasp, but NPR's Andrea Seabrook and Robert Smith can explain.

Mexican Trucks In U.S. Still Face Political Long Haul

Two decades after the North American Free Trade Agreement authorized it, Mexican trucks can now drive on U.S. highways. It took that long because labor and political interests delayed the program, and those forces haven't given up yet.

Unions Assume A Support Role For Occupy Movement

Labor unions have found a new ally for their long-time criticism of the country's ultra-wealthy. Around the country, Occupy Wall Street-inspired protests are drawing attention to a message unions have been advancing for years. But unions say they don't want to take over.

Groups That Plan To Lobby The Supercommittee

An NPR review found that more than 600 different groups and corporations say they intend to lobby around the work of the deficit reduction committee.

Why GDP Is Like GPA

It's an important indicator, but there's a lot it doesn't tell you.

Hundreds Try To Influence The Supercommittee

The deficit-cutting supercommittee is the target of intense lobbying efforts. An NPR analysis found that more than 600 separate corporations, trade associations and interest groups have said they intend to lobby around the work of the committee of 12.