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Sweet Home: When Owning Isn't All About Money

At the height of the housing crisis, low-income Americans had many opportunities to buy a home with the help of subprime mortgages, which proved to be disastrous. But those battered by the crisis continue to find paths to home ownership, despite financial disincentives.
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Virginia Transportation Advocates Seek Improvements

Virginia's transportation advocates are disappointed with both parties' lack of leadership in improving the state's roads.
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Senators Face House-Approved Small Business Bill

Some senators are expected to feel a bit of frustration when they face the House-passed JOBS Act later this week.
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Prince George's County To Hold Town Hall On Jobs Bill

Prince George's County Council members are holding a town hall meeting Monday evening to discuss the benefits of the recently passed Jobs First Act.
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Caesar's Entertainment Supports Prince George's County Casino

An entertainment company seeking to build a casino in downtown Baltimore is supporting plans for a Prince George's County casino, even though they feel it'll hurt their own business.


Markets Hit Milestones; Goldman Sachs Gets Bashed

NPR's John Ydstie wraps up the week's economy news, looking at banking stress tests, the markets' performance and the Goldman Sachs resignation.

Greek Bailout Is Accompanied By Greek Resentment

Debt-beleaguered Greece has secured a second international bailout, but for many Greeks, the conditions set by their EU partners are a breach of sovereignty.
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Major Cities May Morph Into Minor Ones: Are Airlines to Blame?

St. Louis. Cincinnati. Memphis. Pittsburgh. Decades after the government deregulated the airline industry, these are some cities still feeling the pinch. How local economies feel the impact of airports and airline industry travel patterns.