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Germany Stays The Course On Austerity Measures

The elections in France and Greece signaled a resounding popular rejection of the tough austerity measures being pushed by Germany, Europe's largest economy. But Berlin doesn't appear to be changing course.

What Hollande's Anti-Austerity Rhetoric Means

Socialist Francois Hollande won the French presidency over the weekend, in large part due to his pledge to push for growth and battle the German-led austerity approach to Europe's fiscal problems. But what does that pledge mean in practical terms?

Bank Of America Offers To Cut Mortgage Principal

Bank of America is giving about 200,000 homeowners a chance to wipe out a big portion of their mortgage debt. It's part of a settlement the bank and others reached with state and federal regulators earlier this year.

Long-Term-Care Insurance: Who Needs It?

As the nation's roughly 78 million baby boomers move into old age, the need for long-term care will soar. But when it comes to long-term-care insurance, relatively few sign up. The policies can be expensive and some big insurance companies have stopped offering them.

With Sarkozy Out, Anti-Austerity Gains Ground

A Francois Hollande presidency in France might turn Europe away from the German-led austerity approach to debt that has been focused tightly on cutting debt. Hollande has pledged to pursue a pro-growth strategy which has struck a chord with jobless voters.

New 'Fortune 500' List Shows Record Earnings

The new Fortune 500 list that chronicles the largest American corporations was released on Monday. Melissa Block talks with Andy Serwer, managing editor for Fortune magazine, about which companies made the list this year and what that says about the current state of the economy.