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Senate Democrats Propose Surtax On Millionaires

Senate Democrats are making a change to President Obama's jobs bill. They want to pay for it by putting a five percent surtax on earnings over $1 million. Congressional Republicans were quick to dismiss the surtax idea.

Aging Parking Meters Get Solar Upgrade

A small solar-powered parking meter company is benefiting from the down economy and aging parking infrastructure. Chad Randall, COO of IPS, talks to Lynn Neary about why the company has been able to double the number of its employees over the last year.

Bipartisan Support For China Tariffs Ahead Of Vote

The legislation would put trade sanctions on China, the United States' largest trading partner. Supporters say it could boost American jobs by punishing China's efforts to keep its currency undervalued and its exports underpriced. Opponents warn that it could touch off a devastating trade war.

Occupy Wall Street Gets Union Backing; Approval Rating Tops Congress

Occupy Wall Street is getting a shot in the arm, as some of America's largest unions and several key Democrats have supported the movement. The gain in momentum comes as offshoots of the original Manhattan group plan marches and protests around the nation.

How Greece's Financial Crisis Hurts The U.S. Economy

David Wessel, economics editor of The Wall Street Journal talks to Lynn Neary about why the economic situation in Greece is affecting European banks and the U.S. financial picture.

Public Sector Workers Strike Paralyzes Greece

Greece is faced with another major national strike, led this time by the public sector union. The Greek government is under pressure from international creditors to cut the size of the public payroll, and has already announced a plan to sideline and then layoff about 30,000 workers.

Is Nostalgia Enough To Save Friendly's?

Industry experts say the iconic ice-cream parlor, which has filed for bankruptcy protection, has been hurt by the down economy. But Friendly's may also have crossed the line from classic oldie to obsolete.

Occupy Wall Street: Where Everybody Has A Say In Everything

The Occupy Wall Street protesters have a nightly meeting in lower Manhattan. I visited earlier this week. Here's what I heard.
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MoCo Planning Process Speeds Up

While some worry that developers will ignore residents' needs if planning processes were sped up, signs show there are at least some benefits.