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Tough Choices For Greece's Youth In Economic Crisis

The financial crisis gripping Greece is having a major impact on the country's young people. A two-tier labor market that favors the older generation and draconian austerity measures have triggered a record high jobless rate among those under 35.

Shares In American Airlines' Parent Company Sink

As fears spread that American Airlines may be headed for bankruptcy proceedings, shares in the airline's parent company, AMR Corp., plummeted by 41 percent before closing at $1.98 Monday — a 33 percent drop in its value.

Wall Street Protests Stretch On, Reasons Vary

Protesters in New York's financial district show no signs of going home as their demonstration enters its third week. Day 15 of "Occupy Wall Street" brought out participants in zombie makeup. The protests, which have spread to other cities, have a variety of causes, but most center around economic justice.

Wall Street Protests Spread To Other Cities

Street protests ostensibly against corporate America, which began in New York two weeks ago, have spread to Los Angles, Boston, Chicago, Denver and beyond. Frustration among the demonstrators is palpable, but their demands are less clear. Melissa Block speaks with protest participants about what brought them out.

Habitat For Humanity Marks A Milestone

Monday, Habitat for Humanity dedicates its 500,000th house. The homebuilding charity is known for using volunteer labor to help build affordable homes for low-income families. In Portland, Ore., the organization has bought up to 150 empty lots — enough to keep it building for the next five years. A look at the good that can come from the failing housing market.

Greece's Woes Deliver Fresh Blow To World Markets

Despite a series of austerity measures, Greece will not meet its budget targets for this year or next. The news sends European and American stock markets tumbling yet again.

GM, Chrysler Posted Sharp Sales Gains In September; Ford's Rose Too

General Motors' sales rose 20 percent. Chrysler's were up 27 percent. Ford's rose 9 percent. For all three, gains in sales of pickups and SUVs were important.