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Federal Reserve Cuts Back U.S. Growth Forecast

Federal Reserve officials signaled rising concerns about the economy in a statement released Wednesday. They decided to keep short-term interest rates near zero and to continue a program designed to push down long-term rates. The Fed also issued a revised forecast with lower growth rates and higher unemployment rates over the next few years.

Bernanke: Federal Reserve Expects 'Slow Progress' On Unemployment

The Federal Reserve chairman said they expect the unemployment rate to remain at the same level through the year.
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Virginia Increases Tuitions Four Percent For 2012

Tuitions will increase across the board for public universities in the Commonwealth of Virginia, but the rate of increase is less than in years past.


Federal Reserve Extends 'Operation Twist' Through 2012

The Federal Open Market Committee said it was adding $267 billion to the program that seeks to bring down long-term interest rates.

The Fed In 3 Phrases: Decoding Bernanke And Co.

The Federal Reserve ends its two-day meeting Wednesday by offering its assessment of the economy and then declaring its latest plan for making things better. Will the Fed's monetary policy formula offer another dash of Operation Twist or a dose of QE3? Read more about these key phrases and what they mean.

Investors Look To The Fed For An Economic Boost

Federal Reserve policymakers release their latest statement on the economy Wednesday, and Chairman Ben Bernanke will attempt to explain the Fed's actions in a post-meeting news conference. There are several things the Fed could do to try to boost growth, but whether they'd be effective is debatable.

G-20 Leaders Promise To Promote Economic Growth

Leaders of the world's biggest economies wrapped up the G-20 summit in Mexico Tuesday with a promise to work together to promote jobs. The meeting comes amid worrisome signs of slowing growth in the United States and elsewhere.