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Jobless Claims Hold Steady; 387,000 Filed Last Week

They edged down by just 2,000 from the previous week.

Spain Under Pressure To Finalize Bailout Deal

Spain is in line to get a European bailout of up to $125 billion for its banks. Audits due Thursday will show just how indebted Spanish banks are. But economic uncertainty has already sparked violence.

Bidders Get Feisty Over Foreclosed Homes

The inventory of homes for sale in California is low, even in areas with high foreclosure rates. That's made any available home enticing to buyers. But with so few houses for sale, bidding wars have returned. In many cases, investors are squeezing out the families trying to buy.

Fed Extends 'Operation Twist' — So What Is It?

Robert Siegel talks to Professor Alan Blinder of Princeton on the Federal Reserve's renewal of the so-called "Operation Twist."

Federal Reserve Cuts Back U.S. Growth Forecast

Federal Reserve officials signaled rising concerns about the economy in a statement released Wednesday. They decided to keep short-term interest rates near zero and to continue a program designed to push down long-term rates. The Fed also issued a revised forecast with lower growth rates and higher unemployment rates over the next few years.

Bernanke: Federal Reserve Expects 'Slow Progress' On Unemployment

The Federal Reserve chairman said they expect the unemployment rate to remain at the same level through the year.