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Times Have Changed Since Reagan's 1986 Tax Reform

In 1986, another politically divided Congress approved the biggest tax code overhaul in the nation's history. Though much has changed since then, today's Congress faces a similar tax crisis with a fast-approaching deadline to decide on a plan.

Housing Recovery At Various Stages Around The U.S.

Just as communities experienced the housing bubble differently, they feel varying degrees of recovery. In North Carolina, McMansions built for bankers are now in foreclosure. Rundown houses that once sold for $500,000 in East L.A. are now going for a fraction of that. And Washington, D.C., is again seeing bidding wars.

Obama Bus Tour Rides Rough Political Terrain In N.C.

The president won the state by a narrow margin in 2008. His fall in support among independents in North Carolina means Obama now faces a struggle to stay competitive for 2012. His problem in the state is the same one he faces everywhere: unemployment.

Housing Market Stuck Despite Low Prices, Rates

One reason for the continued gloom: It's too hard for many people to qualify for the low rates. But a new program the Obama administration is considering could help millions save an average of $2,000 a year through refinancing.
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Laurel Park Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Laurel Park celebrates 100 years of horse racing, but worries about its uncertain future due to competition from future slots machines.


Betting On Food Prices May Sell The Hungry Short

Sunday is World Food Day, an event intended to increase awareness of problems with global hunger. This year, a lot of people don't have enough to eat, but the cause is not the shortage of food, it's the price.

Jobs, Wealth And The Racial Gap

Economic disparities and race are closely aligned issues in America. Host Audie Cornish talks with Harvard economics professor Roland Fryer, who recently won a MacArthur genius grant for his research on the subject.