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Downward Mobility A Modern Economic Reality

Millions of Americans can't find work in their fields, and take part-time or lower paying jobs to stay afloat. Monica Ross-Williams, who's underemployed, and the New York Times' Steven Greenhouse talk about people falling out of the middle class, forced to adjust their ambitions and career goals.

Who Pays When Teens Are Out Of Work?

Most American adults are enjoying higher family incomes than their parents did, but that may be temporary. Reports show that teenagers across the country are having a hard time finding a summer job, and the long-term consequences for American society could be severe. Guest host Maria Hinojosa talks with NPR Senior Business Editor Marilyn Geewax about the drought in summer employment for teens.

Even As Jobless Rate Stays High, Job Openings Continue To Grow

There were 3.6 million jobs open and ready to be filled in May if the right candidates came along, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported this morning. So why aren't more people getting work? Maybe too many employers are being too picky.
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Super PACs And The 2012 Presidential Election

Super PACs supporting presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney are projected to outraise pro-Obama groups by about eight-to-one. How super PACs could decide this year's presidential election.


Scranton Workers See Pay Slashed To Minimum Wage

Amid a budget dispute, the mayor slashed pay for city employees, and has so far ignored a court order to restore it.

For Manufacturing Jobs, Workers Brush Up On Math

Today's manufacturing work requires a strong grasp of fractions, decimals and basic trigonometry — skills that many job applicants often lack. So colleges and nonprofits are stepping in to fill the skills gap with programs that combine manufacturing training with basic math and reading.