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Congressional Budget Watchdogs Change The Way They Keep Score

House Republicans voted this week to change the way Congress measures the effects of tax and spending bills.

Unemployment Dips To 5.6 Percent As Economy Adds 252K Jobs

December's job growth caps a 2014 that saw the most jobs added to the economy since 1999.

Economists Expect Strong Job Growth In December

There's more than the usual level of interest in this data. It will provide data on the final month of 2014 and it will show whether the strength recorded in November was the start of something big.

Congressional Republicans Take Another Swing At Obamacare

The House passed a bill Thursday that would make a change in the Affordable Care Act. It would raise the law's definition of full-time work from 30 hours to 40 hours a week.

FAA Clarifies Fuel Tax Rule, Municipalities To Lose Needed Funds

The FAA ruled that all jet fuel tax revenue collected by states or local units of government must be spent on airports or aviation related programs, and not on roads, schools or other uses.

Euro Falls To 9-Year Low Against U.S. Dollar

Europe may have a deflation problem. Eurozone consumer prices fell on an annual basis in December for the first time since the depths of the financial crisis five years ago. The decline was driven by a sharp drop in energy prices. The news is expected to increase pressure on the European Central Bank to come up with a more aggressive response to slow growth and high unemployment.

Growth In Manufacturing Tempered By Low-Wage Jobs

President Obama is touting growth in manufacturing jobs, but if they're low-wage jobs is that a good thing?

Unemployment, Deflation Felt Acutely In Spain

Spain's jobless rate still tops 23 percent and salaries are stagnant or declining. The Spanish economy is technically out of recession but many Spaniards still aren't celebrating.

Should Minnesota Bid Adieu To The Midwest, Hello North?

A panel in Minnesota wants to establish a new region called the North. Supporters say it will help the area differentiate itself from other parts of the Midwest.

Greek Opposition Party Seizes On Anger Over Austerity Measures

We've been hearing a lot about economic anxiety in Europe lately. Much of that anxiety centers on Greece. Steve Inskeep talks to economist Platon Tinios about what's happening in Greece.