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Drop In Oil Prices Threatens Economy Of Tiny Texas Town

The tiny, South Texas town of Cotulla has experienced a hotel boom in the past five years, and all that business came from the surge in oil drilling. But the recent drop in oil prices is threatening to undermine the town's future.

French Taxi Drivers Launch Nationwide Uber Protest

French taxi drivers stage a nationwide strike to protest UberPop's encroachment on their market. It turned nasty after an Uber driver and passenger were beaten up.

Conservative Kansas Legislature Turns Heads With Huge Tax Hike

Kansas voters who put conservatives in charge are shaking their heads in disbelief. Lawmakers recently passed one of the largest tax hikes in state history rather than cutting spending.

Congress Signs Off On Trade Bills, Handing Obama A Huge Win

A final House vote marked a stunning victory for the president by clearing his path to completing the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade deal involving the U.S. and 11 Pacific Rim nations.

3 Economists Answer This Question: What Keeps You Up At Night?

It's been 7 years since the financial crisis nearly took down the global economy. Our Planet Money team wondered what the next big mess might be, so they asked three economists for their thoughts.
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Minimum Wage For Tipped Workers Set At $4 In Montgomery County

The move by the county Council is intended to ensure that restaurants remain competitive with those in Prince George's County and in D.C.


Senate Votes To Advance The White House Trade Agenda

The 60-37 vote clears away procedural hurdles for legislation that would allow the president to negotiate trade pacts and then put them on a so-called fast track through Congress.

Airlines Vs. Airports: A Dogfight Over Fees Imposed On Fliers

Airports want Congress to raise passenger fees to pay for improvements, but airlines say the move would hit passengers in the pocketbook and might discourage people from flying.
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The Greek Debt Crisis And The Threat To The Eurozone

Greece offers its creditors what's been called a last-ditch bail-out plan: The latest on the debt crisis and its ongoing threat to the eurozone.


Anti-Austerity Greek Government Yields Ground At EU Summit

The Greek government has been given some time to work out a deal with its creditors. Eurozone and International Monetary Fund officials are scrutinizing the latest proposal.