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How Has The Economy Changed Since 2008 Elections?

During the last convention season, the U.S. was facing a frightening moment in its economic history. Home sales were shutting down, employers were slashing payrolls, and financial institutions were lurching toward chaos. Host Michel Martin talks with NPR's Marilyn Geewax about how the economic outlook has changed in the last four years.

As Conventions Begin, Where Is The U.S. Economy?

When the political conventions were kicking off in 2008, the direction of the U.S. economy was clear: down. The state of the 2012 economy will provide Republicans and Democrats with much to debate.

New Hampshire, A Low-Cost Massachusetts?

New Hampshire's economy is comparatively strong these days, but that strength varies depending on where you are in the small state. The closer you get to its border with Massachusetts, the more robust the economic activity. The state has been aggressive about marketing the so-called "New Hampshire Advantage."
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D.C. Council Members Question Purpose Of Traffic Cameras

Skyrocketing traffic camera fines have a pair of D.C. council members asking whether the new technology is being used for safety purposes or to boost city revenue.


Looking At The Economy On The Campaign Trail

Weekend Edition Sunday guest host Linda Wertheimer talks with Russell Roberts of George Mason University and the Hoover Institution for the final installment of her series of interviews with top economists.
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Virginia Lawmaker Pushes For Casinos

A Virginia lawmaker is advocating for casinos to bring in more state revenue.