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Georgia Town Ranks As City With Worst U.S. Job Loss

For decades, Dalton, Ga., has been known as the world's carpet capital. Recently, it was named something else: the town with the worst job loss. That's because of job cuts made by the town's carpet mills. Leaders want to attract manufacturing jobs but say it will take time to turn the economy around.
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Ocean City Business Owners Indifferent About Table Games

While politicians have sparred over the prospect of table games at Maryland casinos, Ocean City business owners are apathetic about the prospects at the local Ocean Downs Casino.


How A Pasta Factory Got People To Show Up For Work

And what happened when a guy called in sick so he could play soccer.
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The Tax Debate Behind Gambling In Maryland

Maryland lawmakers are looking at ways to expand gambling in the Old Line State and offer relief to offset losses at gambling facilities already up and running.


An Undecided Florida Voter Faces Emotional Decision

Four years ago, Wanda Kos voted for Barack Obama. Now, she says, she's on the fence. And her decision has taken on an added layer since 2008: Her son just joined the Army, so she'll be casting a ballot for his commander in chief.
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Maryland Tourism Increased In 2011

Maryland tourism increased by 7 percent in 2011, something Gov. Martin O'Malley says helped employ 130,000 people in the state's tourism-related industries.


What The Future Holds For Cuba's Economy

In Cuba, President Raul Castro has plans to reform the economy, but many challenges lie ahead before the country can move forward. Many of the changes are being implemented slowly because of resistance from within the Communist Party.
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Friday News Roundup - Domestic

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney accused President Barack Obama of dismantling federal welfare reform and creating a “culture of dependency.” The U.S. economy continued to send mixed signals. And victims of the Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting were remembered at vigils across the United States. Ron Elving of NPR, Nia Malika Henderson of The Washington Post and John King of CNN join Diane for analysis of the week's top national news stories.


Jobless Claims Dipped Last Week; Still In Range They've Been In All Year

They've been another indicator of modest, at best, improvement in the labor market.