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Third Quarter Economic Growth Revised Up Again

Gross domestic product grew at a 3.1 percent annual rate, well above earlier estimates. But, claims for jobless benefits rose last week — another sign that while the economy may be on the mend, there are still problems.

Persistence, Bribes Got Wal-Mart Into Mexican Town

Wal-Mart has expanded rapidly in Mexico. A report this week delves into how corruption played out in a town, where Wal-Mart was determined to build a supermarket near some ancient pyramids. Steve Inskeep talks to David Barstow, of The New York Times, about his continuing investigation into Wal-Mart's troubling business practices in Mexico.

Where Do 'Fiscal Cliff' Talks Stand?

Optimists in Washington believe the end-game has begun in negotiations to avoid the spending cuts and tax hikes scheduled to take affect on Jan. 1. The House is scheduled to vote Thursday on House Speaker John Boehner's "Plan B."

Obama Urges Swift Action On Gun Issues

President Obama is hoping to seize on public anguish over the Connecticut school shooting to make gun violence a front-burner issue in Washington. At a White House news conference Wednesday, the president made clear it's not just the headline-grabbing mass murders he's worried about.

'Take Me Out Of It,' President Urges GOP, And 'Take The Deal'

With the so-called fiscal cliff looming, President Obama argued Wednesday that he's gone "at least halfway" in meeting Republicans' demands. Now, he said, some in the GOP may just be resisting a deal because they find it hard to "say yes to me."

Why Not Go Over The Fiscal Cliff?

The White House is promising to veto a new tax proposal from House Speaker John Boehner. But who's bluffing and what's believable when it comes to fiscal negotiations? And what happens if talks break down? For Tell Me More's 'Why Not?' series, host Michel Martin takes a look at what might be on the other side of the fiscal cliff.