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Ore Price Collapse Hits Minnesota's 'Iron Range'

Prices are about one-fourth what they were in 2011. A drop in global demand, especially in China, has triggered layoffs in northern Minnesota's mines and the effects are being felt around the region.

Would More Trade Help The Job Market Run Faster Or Trip It Up?

Friday's jobs report showed tepid wage growth in April. Hours after its release, President Obama gave a speech arguing that a new trade deal would strengthen the labor market. Opponents disagree.

Would Lower Shoe Tariffs Actually Encourage American Jobs?

Nike says lower tariffs in a proposed Asia-Pacific trade deal would allow it to support thousands of domestic jobs. But the potential relief is a fraction of current footwear tariffs.

223,000 Jobs Added In April; Unemployment Rate Dips To 5.4 Percent

The figures for last month were in line with expectations and could signal that disappointing results in March were just a hiccup.

Recovering From A Rough March, Economy Adds 223,000 Jobs In April

Following a disappointing report for March, job creation in April returned to the more robust pace of 2014. The unemployment rate also dipped to 5.4 percent. Results roughly aligned with expectations.

Whole Foods To Open Lower-Cost Stores For Millennials

In an effort to target millennials, grocery store chain Whole Foods is launching a separate chain of lower-priced stores.
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Hogan Takes The Long View On Baltimore, Urges Public To Get Started Now

"It's going to take a while to get people back into the city. We're encouraging them, we believe the city is safe. We want to get people in here to spend money and go out to dinner," the governor says.


Power Problems: Puerto Rico's Electric Utility Faces Crippling Debt

The island's power authority owes $9 billion. Power costs are already high, but bondholders are pushing for rate hikes. That may deter employers, which would further hurt the territory's weak economy.

Oil Prices Are Rising Again, But Will They Keep Going Up?

Oil hit a new high for the year — closing at just under $61 a barrel. But some analysts say the global economic slowdown and the rise of alternative energy will mean less demand and lower prices.

Fed Chair Yellen's Warning Adds To Recent Market Jitters

Both stock and bond markets had already been having a rough week before the Federal Reserve's Janet Yellen warned about "potential dangers."