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Holiday Shoppers Are Filling Their Carts, Online

In-store purchases on Black Friday fell this year, but online sales have seen a big increase. Easy comparison shopping and widespread free shipping have sweetened the deal for many online shoppers.

Silk Road Drug Market Was An Economic Experiment Gone Wrong

The man behind the online drug market Silk Road dreamed of setting up a utopian marketplace. But when his dream was threatened, the FBI says he did some terrible things to try and protect it.

Drop In Oil Prices Is Being Felt By U.S. Drillers, Oil Field Firms

OPEC's decision not cut production is sending ripples throughout the industry as drillers pull back and reassess their plans. The next few months could send some companies under, one consultant says.

Colorado's Pot Industry Looks To Move Past Stereotypes

In the year since Colorado made recreational marijuana legal, pot has become a billion-dollar business in the state. And some growers are on a serious mission to make it legitimate and mainstream.

Black Friday Sales Down At Stores, Surge Online

More shopping on Thanksgiving Day diluted the Black Friday numbers somewhat, according to a ShopperTrak survey. A separate survey by IBM showed a nearly 10 percent increase in online sales.

Millennials Might Be 'Generation Twin.' Is That A Bad Thing?

Between 1981 and 2012, 1 million extra twins were born in the U.S. One economist says all of those twins could be hurting the economy — but another expert points out some perks of twinhood.

Black Friday Crosses The Pond

Black Friday has crossed the Atlantic to the UK. Ari Shapiro talks with Rahul Sharma of Neev Capital about how the shopping event took hold there and how it compares to the states.

Despite Cold Weather And Protesters, Shoppers Seek Black Friday Sales

Shoppers flocked to the malls on Thanksgiving, but the rush didn't impede Black Friday sales. Protesters are also trying to put a mark on this day, but their actions haven't taken a bite out of sales.

Immigration Policy May Mean Better Jobs, But Impact On Labor Unclear

President Obama wants to give temporary work status to millions of undocumented workers now living in the U.S. That would mean better jobs for many, but its impact on the labor market is less certain.

Revisiting The Stories Told In Murrow's 'Harvest of Shame'

Elizabeth Blair visits Belle Glade, Fla., where Edward R. Murrow's film crew recorded migrant farm workers. (This piece was originally broadcast on Weekend Edition Saturday on May 31, 2014.)