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Analysts: Markets May Be Underestimating U.S. Economic Resilience

Stock markets are often seen as a predictor of what's ahead for the economy. But some say this year's falling markets are crying wolf. "I think financial markets have overreacted," says one economist.

As Debt Talks Hit An Impasse, What's Next For Puerto Rico?

Negotiations to restructure the U.S. territory's significant debt hit a speed bump Friday. As Congress considers its next step, economist Rosario Rivera explains the origins of the financial crisis.

$1.22 A Gallon: Cheap Gas Raises Fears Of Urban Sprawl

Gas prices in Columbus, Ohio, are among the lowest in the country. Drivers appreciate the savings, but anti-sprawl advocates say cheap gas doesn't help their cause.

What Do Bears And Bulls Have To Do With Our Investments?

While experts focus on trying to explain the stock market's jumps and dives, we spend a little time cutting through the bull to get some different answers.

As Skilled Workers Abandon Greece, Rebuilding Its Economy Gets Harder

If Greece isn't a good place to do business anymore, then businesses will leave. When solid businesses close up or leave, then Greece becomes even worse for the remaining firms.

With Sanctions Eased, What Kind Of Trade Can Companies Do With Iran?

In the wake of the Iran nuclear deal, one sanctions lawyer is deluged with calls from U.S. businesses asking if they can enter the huge Iranian market. But the limits are tight and the risks steep.

China Captures The Attention Of Davos Economic Forum Participants

China concerns are part of the reason global stock markets have been so troubled. Renee Montagne talks to Amy Wilkinson, author and a lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.
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New Efforts To Address America's Growing Addiction Crisis

Tens of thousands of Americans are dying each year from overdoses from prescription pain killers and heroin. We discuss new local, state and federal efforts to stem the epidemic.


As Oil Plummets, Cheap Jet Fuel Means Better Travel Deals

Cheap oil doesn't just mean cheaper gas prices; it also means cheaper jet fuel. That's led to a big drop in airfares. It's good news for travelers — and for airlines, which have struggled for years.

Wall Street Has Another Brutal Day, As Stock Prices Plummet

Fears about slowing global growth have sent the Dow Jones industrial average down by about 10 percent this month since the start of the year.