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Should The U.S. Import More Doctors?

"We should think of doctors the same way we think of shirts," an economist says. "If we can get doctors at a lower cost from elsewhere in the world then we could save enormous amounts of money."
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House Passes Extension Of Pay Freeze For Federal Workers

An extension of the pay freeze on federal workers has passed the U.S. House, though it is likely to be voted down in the Senate, as it is opposed by Senate Democrats.


Eurozone Economies Declined In 2012

The latest economic numbers from Europe are in and they are not encouraging. The countries that make up the eurozone say their economies shrank at a 2.3 percent annual rate in the fourth quarter. Italy and Spain had especially sharp declines.

In Kansas, A 'Glide Path' To No Income Taxes. Will It Work?

Gov. Sam Brownback plans to get rid of Kansas' income tax and cut the size of state government. Some lawmakers say it's a great experiment that will show that lower tax rates and streamlined bureaucracy can stimulate growth; others are concerned about overreaching.

With GDP Slip, German Economy 'Finally Lost Its Invincibility'

The German economy shrank 0.6 percent during the last quarter of 2012, dragging the eurozone deeper into recession. There are some positive signs, however.

How The American-US Airways Merger Might Affect You

A combined company worth $11 billion would become the largest U.S. airline. By creating a robust route structure with hundreds of destinations on four continents, the two carriers may be able to attract more frequent fliers, improve service and boost revenues. But what happens to fares is uncertain.

Jobless Claims Fell By 27,000 Last Week

The decline looks like another sign that the labor market is slowly, steadily, improving.