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Some House Republicans Deny Risk Of Default In Debt Ceiling Debate

Some GOP House members argue that if the debt limit isn't raised, the president would have to make choices about what bills get paid. But economists say prioritizing payments — even assuming it would be possible — isn't a great idea.

In Connecticut, Two Sides Of A Deep Economic Divide

Leafy, tony Greenwich, Conn., feels a world apart from nearby Bridgeport, where unemployment and crime levels have soared as industry has declined. The vast differences in wealth in these two Fairfield County towns reflect a level of income inequality that's among the nation's highest.

Jobless Claims At Five-Year Low; Home Building Hit Five-Year High In 2012

The day's economic news is on the positive side: 37,000 fewer people filed claims for unemployment benefits last week; and home construction surged in December and last year.
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Moran Calling On Debt Ceiling To Be Abolished

Northern Virginia Rep. Jim Moran is calling for the debt ceiling to be abolished altogether.


New Rules Issued For Mortgage Servicing Companies

Last week, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau unveiled new rules for mortgage lenders. On Thursday, it releases new rules for the companies that service those loans.

How Is The Housing Industry's Recovery Faring?

The Federal Reserve has released its latest snapshot of the state of the U.S. economy. Retail and auto sales were up slightly over the year before — as was activity in the housing sector. Renee Montagne talks to David Wessel, economics editor at The Wall Street Journal, about housing's recovery.

Small Business Owners Turn To Friends For Money

Starting a small business hasn't been easy lately. People are now turning to their peers for funding after being denied credit from big banks. But that has its own set of risks and rewards. Host Michel Martin explores the future of small business in 2013.
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Economic Reckoning For Local Washington?

A new era of federal belt-tightening could have a profound impact of the economies of Northern Virginia, Maryland and the District. We ask whether local economies are facing a reckoning.