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Can Riots Be Predicted? Experts Watch Food Prices

High food prices have often been cited as a factor behind mass protest movements. But a group of researchers say food prices can actually be used to predict when social unrest will occur. And according to their mathematical modeling, we've hit the threshold for more waves of riots.

JPMorgan Sued Over Mortgage-Backed Securities

New York's Attorney General has filed fraud charges against JPMorgan Chase. The civil complaint alleges fraud in the sale of mortgage backed securities in the run up to the 2008 financial crisis. The securities at issue were put together by Bear Stearns, but that firm collapsed and was acquired by JPMorgan.

Candidates Say Little On Difficult Issue Of Housing

Despite millions of troubled mortgages around the country, housing hasn't been a major issue in the presidential race so far. Based on what they have said, President Obama and Republican Mitt Romney have more in common than their rhetoric suggests, an analyst says.

New York Sues JPMorgan Over Mortgage-Backed Securities

The suit relates to the securities sold by Bear Stearns, which collapsed in 2008 and is now owned by JPMorgan. It's the suit first to be filed under the auspices of the RMBS Working Group, set up by President Obama to investigate and prosecute alleged misconduct that contributed to the financial crisis.
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Montgomery County Council President Not Sweating Sequestration

Maryland's state house in Annapolis

If Congress doesn't act to avert sequestration cuts by next year, the impact on the D.C. area could be huge. Montgomery County's Roger Berliner believes Maryland's growth will keep it afloat regardless.

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D.C. Food Trucks Begin Charging Sales Tax

The District is now treating food trucks more like restaurants, which means lunch may cost a little more.


Report: If Congress Ignores 'Fiscal Cliff,' Most Americans Will Pay More Taxes

According to a new analysis by the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center, it could cost the average household nearly $3,500 a year.
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GMU Economist Makes Case For An Improving World

Despite the melting ice caps, austerity riots, and violence in the Middle East, an economist at George Mason University says the world is actually getting better.

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Former Occupy DC Protesters Help Local Reverend

A local reverend facing foreclosure is getting support from former Occupy DC protestors.

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Construction Employment Up In D.C.

The District has one of the fastest growing construction industries in the country.