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Consumer Confidence Dips; New Home Sales Rise

Many Americans appear to be worried about what will happen to the economy if the federal government goes over the so-called fiscal cliff, the Conference Board reports. But there's also good news: The housing sector continues to recover.

The Fed Boosts The Economy, But What About The Risks?

The Federal Reserve continued to keep its foot on the accelerator in 2012, using unusual tactics to try to boost economic growth. But economists disagree about whether the Fed's policies were effective or whether the inflation risks outweighed the rewards.

Measuring The Impact Of Your Charitable Donations

As the year comes to a close, many people turn attention to giving back through charitable donations. With the economic recovery, many are seeking out more information to be sure that the donations go to the intended cause.

'Housing Recovery Is Gathering Strength,' New Report On Prices Signals

Prices in 20 major cities were up 4.3 percent in October, vs. October 2011. Combined with other recent reports on construction and sales, that's another sign the housing sector is on the mend.

Firefighters Deal With Community Backlash

In the East Bay area outside of San Francisco, a community has turned against its firefighters. The Contra Costa Fire Department is set to close four firehouses after voters failed to pass a tax to keep them open. Some say they want to see changes to firefighter pensions before they give the department more money. The firefighters say they feel like they are under attack.