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Beyond A Bailout: Greece Needs Debt Relief, IMF Says

Greece is so saddled with debt it probably can't turn its economy around for years, the International Monetary Fund says. But writing down debt would require an OK from Germany, which has opposed it.

Janet Yellen Tells House Panel Interest Rate Hike Likely Later This Year

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen told a House committee on Wednesday the Fed is still on track to raise interest rates later this year. She also faced tough questions from House Republicans who are unhappy about what they say is a lack of transparency at the Fed.

Greek Parliament Debates Austerity Measures In Bailout Deal

The Greek parliament debates the latest bailout deal in Athens Wednesday. It must approve a range of new laws for the bailout to proceed, but there is strong opposition to it within the ruling party.

Greece's Parliament Poised To Vote On Austerity Measures

The agreement struck this week with the country's creditors is expected to pass with support from the opposition, but the vote is tearing apart the ruling left-wing Syriza party.

Lots Of Other Countries Mandate Paid Leave. Why Not The U.S.?

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and President Obama are fond of pointing out that the U.S. stands nearly alone in not giving its workers paid leave. Here's how it got that way.
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The 2016 Presidential Race: A Conversation With Democratic Candidate And Former Virginia Senator Jim Webb

Former Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va) talks with us about the future of the Democratic Party and his bid to be the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee.


Bailout Vote May Splinter Greece's Recently Empowered Anti-Austerity Party

In Athens, deputies from Greece's ruling Syriza party will start parliamentary debate today on the latest bailout agreement - with some forecasting that the party will split over the issue.

No. 1 With A Bullet Point: To Get Research Cited, Make Sure It's Listed First

Sometimes our eyes are just drawn to the top of a list. Using a regular e-mail of headlines sent out to economists, a study found the ones listed higher get read more — and cited more in future work.

Wal-Mart Challenges Amazon 'Prime Day' With Rival Sale

It might be July, but retailers are staging a Black Friday style event on Wednesday. Amazon will offer its Prime members thousands of items at discounted prices for one day. Wal-Mart is punching back.

As Big 3 Automakers Begin Union Talks, Both Sides Say Profit Is Job 1

GM and the UAW kicked off contract talks Monday; Chrysler and Ford will do the same this month. Negotiations are never easy, but since industry bailouts in 2009, there's a stronger push to cooperate.