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Obama Expected To Release Rule Governing Overtime

The plan raises the cap under which most workers must get overtime for working more than 40 hours a week. It doesn't require congressional approval, but is expected to be criticized by businesses.

Greeks Brace For The Fallout As Deadline Looms

Greeks have lurched from one crisis to another in recent years and have learned to cope with uncertainty. Still, many are worried about what could happen when Greece misses a payment Tuesday.

The Economic Reality Of The Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

From less-complicated tax filing to reducing uncertainty over medical decisions, the Supreme Court's ruling will have a wide impact on same-sex households. It will also affect corporate policies.

Like Greece, Cash-Strapped Puerto Rico Needs A Fiscal Lifeline

Is Puerto Rico America's Greece? Like Greece, Puerto Rico is running out of money and needs more time to pay its bills. There are many similarities, but also important differences.

If The Mess In Greece Is All Greek To You, Then Read This

This week, Greek will miss a $1.73 billion payment to the International Monetary Fund. The debt crisis has the potential to create financial, economic and geopolitical trouble for Americans.

U.S. Encourages Europe To Keep Greece In The Eurozone

NPR's Robert Siegel interviews Ivo Daalder, president of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, about how a Greek departure from the eurozone would impact the United States politically.

European Leaders Warn Greeks On 'No' Vote In Referendum

They say a rejection of bailout terms would mean leaving the eurozone. The Greek government has urged its citizens to vote "no." The country is one day away from failing to make an IMF loan payment.

Greece To Impose Capital Controls Amid Looming Default

Greece's prime minister announced on Sunday that banks and the stock market will be closed after negotiations with the country's international lenders broke down.

Economic Crisis Looms For Puerto Rico, Report Says

A report obtained by NPR paints a bleak portrait of Puerto Rico's economic future, saying its deficit is much larger than previously thought.

Greece To Close Banks, Impose Capital Controls Amid Looming Default

Greek officials announced that they would close banks until July 6 in efforts to stanch a run on the euro.