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Professor Delivers A Crash Course In Real Estate Investing To Detroiters

Housing prices there have dropped, opening up investment opportunities — but only if you know how to invest. One professor is teaching inner-city residents how to get in on the market.
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Friday News Roundup - International

Reactions to the nuclear deal with Iran. Greek lawmakers approve austerity measures required for a new bailout. And drug lord El Chapo escapes from a Mexican jail - again. A panel of journalists joins Diane for analysis of the week's top international news stories.


German Lawmakers Back Greek Bailout Plan

The Bundestag voted overwhelmingly in favor of the $93.6 billion package aimed at keeping Athens in the eurozone.

Employee Or Contractor? New U.S. Guidelines Could Reclassify Workers

The Labor Department has suggested standards an employer must meet to consider a worker an independent contractor. Employment lawyers say this will lead to more lawsuits against employers.

Greece's Lost Olive Oil: How Export Barriers Stifle Economic Growth

Businesses in Greece are facing fundamental problems, despite the potential bailout. They struggle with tax issues, labor problems and infrastructure inadequacies. The Planet Money podcast visits olive oil entrepreneurs in Kalamata, Greece, to find out what it will take for the Greek economy to start growing.

Greek Parliament Passes Austerity Measures To Move Forward With Bailout

The Greek parliament passed the austerity bill needed as a first step to open new bailout negotiations with European leaders. Protesters rallied outside parliament throughout the debate.

Beyond A Bailout: Greece Needs Debt Relief, IMF Says

Greece is so saddled with debt it probably can't turn its economy around for years, the International Monetary Fund says. But writing down debt would require an OK from Germany, which has opposed it.

Janet Yellen Tells House Panel Interest Rate Hike Likely Later This Year

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen told a House committee on Wednesday the Fed is still on track to raise interest rates later this year. She also faced tough questions from House Republicans who are unhappy about what they say is a lack of transparency at the Fed.

Greek Parliament Debates Austerity Measures In Bailout Deal

The Greek parliament debates the latest bailout deal in Athens Wednesday. It must approve a range of new laws for the bailout to proceed, but there is strong opposition to it within the ruling party.

Greece's Parliament Poised To Vote On Austerity Measures

The agreement struck this week with the country's creditors is expected to pass with support from the opposition, but the vote is tearing apart the ruling left-wing Syriza party.