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People Aren't Coming To See The Pyramids Or Snorkel In The Red Sea

The crash last week of an EgyptAir passenger plane flying from Paris to Cairo is not likely to help Egypt's battered tourism industry.

As Their Anchors Sink, Malls Try To Present Retail 'Experience'

With more department stores closing, some owners are trying to make malls "more experiential," adding gyms and theaters. One developer is targeting Hispanics with regular concerts and festivities.

Bayer Makes $62 Billion Play For Monsanto

Germany's Bayer corporation says Monsanto is worth $62 billion. That works out to a 37 percent premium over Monsanto's stock price from a few days ago. Bayer is sending a signal it is serious about taking over Monsanto, and it's willing to take on a lot of debt in order to do so.

Going There: The Future Of Water

Western states like Colorado are balancing competing demands for waterways. When recreation, agriculture and civic interests find themselves at odds, how can water resources be divided fairly?
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Where The Presidential Candidates Stand On Key Issues

Now that only three major candidates remain in the 2016 race for the White House, attention turns to the details of their policy proposals. Where the presidential candidates stand on key issues like job creation, healthcare, taxes and education.


A Warming World Means Less Water, With Economic Consequences

We know that climate change will make water scarcer. But it could also have big economic impacts, Richard Damania of the World Bank says.

A Decade Out From The Mortgage Crisis, Former Homeowners Still Grasp For Stability

With ruined credit ratings atop financial loss, two ex-homeowners tell their story in the mortgage meltdown aftermath. They're wary of jumping back into the market, even if that likelihood is far off.

The Implications Of Overtime Pay Proposal

The Labor Department announced new rules to make millions more Americans eligible for overtime pay. Annie Lowrey of New York magazine talks about what this could mean for businesses and workers.

The U.S. Influence On Cuba's Rapid Cultural Change

As big-name celebrities flock to the territory, Cuban culture is undergoing rapid change. But do Cubans want Chanel stores and Rolling Stones concerts?

Harley-Davidson Rebrands Itself To Reach Millennial Generation

Iconic brand Harley-Davidson is stepping up marketing and introducing new designs in hopes of gaining younger riders and more women.