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Greece Moves Forward With Referendum On Proposed Bailout

The Greek government's latest attempt to reopen talks with the EU seems to have fallen on deaf ears, while Greeks seem even more confused about what they will be voting for in Sunday's referendum.
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Business Groups Try To Head Off Vote On $15 Minimum Wage In D.C.

Business groups on Wednesday mounted an effort to derail a nascent ballot initiative that would push the District's minimum wage up to $15, saying that the proposal would be disastrous for the city's economy and should not be decided by the electorate.
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The Rise And Fall of D.C. Street Fairs

Adams Morgan Day won't happen this year but Funk Parade on U Street was a huge success. We explore the economics and the challenges of street fairs in a rapidly changing city.

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Environmental Outlook: The Growing Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement

A look at the growing fossil fuel divestment movement.


Greek Leader Reiterates Call For 'No' Vote In Referendum

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras insisted a rejection of creditors' proposals for a bailout did not mean Greece would leave the eurozone. Greece officially missed a loan payment to the IMF.

As Panama's Economy Booms, So Do Concerns Over Debt And The Environment

Panama's economy, while cooling in recent years, is still growing at astonishing rates compared to its neighbors. But environmental damage and huge government debt are part of the package.

Historic Vote May Determine Whether Greece Remains In The Eurozone

Greek voters on Sunday face a referendum on further austerity measures in exchange for bailouts. But the unstated question is whether Greece should give up the euro.

Online Fund Started To Raise Money For Greece's Debt

Thom Feeney of London says he was fed up with the showdowns between Greece and its creditors. He started a campaign called Greek Bailout Fund to raise 1.6 billion euros to help pay Greece's debt.

Martha Stewart's Company Sold For A Fraction Of Its Previous Worth

At its height, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia was worth $2 billion. Her company is being sold to Sequential Brands Group for $353 million. Linda Wertheimer talks to brand analyst Liz Dunn.

Puerto Rico's Governor Seeks To Delay Debt Payments

Puerto Rico's governor said Monday night that the commonwealth can't pay its bills. He also said that big changes are needed to get the economy growing, so it can pay down its debt in the future.