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Elizabeth Warren Steps Up Campaign For Liberal Agenda

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., says bipartisan efforts to "reform" the corporate tax code amount to "a giant wet kiss" for the biggest companies. She wants large corporations to pay more in taxes.

We Know China Has Ghost Cities, But Where Are They Hiding?

The locations of the infamous empty housing complexes have been secret, but ghost city hunters are now using smartphones and GPS receivers to track them down.

As Americans Shop For Thanksgiving, They're Finding Cheaper Prices

Grocers faced higher wholesale prices for frozen turkeys this year. But because of fierce competition, they still cut their retail prices. Consumers are finding bargains on other holiday foods, too.
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Environmental Outlook: Conservation In The 21st Century

As more and more people compete for space, food and water, some environmentalists say we need to rethink our approach to conservation. Join our discussion about what we should be conserving in the years ahead and why.


For Women, Income Inequality Continues Into Retirement

Lydia Smith, 87, is one of the 2.6 million women ages 65 and over living at or below the poverty line. Older women are more than twice as likely as men to live in poverty.

Japan Faces Another Recession As Company Spending Declines

The global slowdown is undermining the ambitious economic agenda known as "Abenomics."

Preventable Colon Cancer Deaths Cost The Economy $6.4 Billion

People in lower-income communities are more likely to die of colon cancer, often because they don't get diagnosed early enough. Those premature deaths take a financial toll, too.

The Incubator School: E Is For Experimental & Entrepreneur

At this Los Angeles school, STEM and entrepreneurship are as important as reading and math.

Trade Negotiator Michael Froman Insists TPP Will Work

In a conversation with Steve Inskeep, U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman defends the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade agreement involving the U.S. and 11 other Asian-Pacific nations.

Massive Pacific Trade Agreement Ignores One Huge Tariff: Currency Manipulation

The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement has been hashed out line-by-line. All 6,000 pages of it. It will set the rules for roughly one-third of world trade. It has precise requirements for tariffs, quotas and subsidies for all manner of goods. But there's one huge secret tariff that isn't included: currency manipulation.