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No Crystal Ball? Here's Help With 2016 Economic Forecasts

Investors might wish for a device to peer into the future, but they must settle for economic forecasters. For 2016, most forecasters are seeing signs pointing toward more profits and jobs.
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Analysis Of The Last Democratic Presidential Debate Of The Year

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley stake out their positions on critical issues facing the nation. Analysis of the last Democratic presidential debate of the year.


The Fed Raised Interest Rates So What Happens Next?

The Federal Reserve hasn't raised short-term interest rates since 2006. Renee Montagne talks to David Wessel, director of the Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy at the Brookings Institution

The Diminishing Middle — And Why That Widens The Gap Between Us

In light of a recent Pew study that says most Americans are no longer middle-class, NPR's Michel Martin argues that when the middle thins, the ends of the spectrum must yell just to hear each other.

Little Florida Bank Goes Where Behemoths Fear To Tread: Cuba

Middlemen, messy currencies and questions galore allude to the price of banking in Cuba — but that's not stopping Stonegate, the first to offer customers a debit card they can use across the strait.

Winners And Losers Tucked Inside The Spending And Taxing Bills

Conservatives don't like the price tag and liberals don't like the priorities. Still, Congress is making quick progress on a massive legislative push affecting government spending and business taxes.


Oil Industry Ups And Downs Price Out Longtime Residents Of Fracking Towns

The sudden ups and downs of the oil and gas industry can feel like whiplash for rural communities seeing an influx of workers. Affordable housing has been a challenge. With the current slowdown in drilling, rental prices have dropped, but they're still much higher than they were pre-boom, leaving low-income and senior people still struggling to find a place they can afford.

As Expected, Federal Reserve Raises Short-Term Interest Rates

Going forward, the Fed will be trying to perform a delicate balancing act: getting interest rates back into more normal territory without hitting the brakes on the still recovering economy.

Massive Downsizing In Oil Sector Brings Acute Pain For The Holidays

The holiday season can be stressful, but for energy workers, December is turning out to be especially tough. Oil and gas firms have laid off close to 56,000 Texans in the past year.

Why Is The Fed Chair So Difficult To Understand? Here's A Translation

Have you ever heard an announcement from the Federal Reserve and felt like you are way under qualified to understand a word of it? That's no accident.