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For More Millennials, It's Kids First, Marriage Maybe

Millennials, particularly those with less education, are upending the traditional order of love, marriage, baby carriage. Many say they don't feel financially secure enough to tie the knot.

Amazon To Hire 80,000 Holiday Workers

An increase in customer demand is prompting Amazon to add 14 percent more temporary workers this holiday season than it hired last year at this time.


Turmoil Continues In Financial Markets As Dow Plunges

Stocks took a beating on Wednesday, with the Dow and the S&P 500 falling more than 2 percent before bouncing back slightly. Money flowed into safe haven investments such as U.S. Treasuries.

As Oil Prices Slide, Speculation Rises On Shale Boom's Sustainability

Global oil prices have fallen to a 4-year low, confirming hopes and fears, depending on if you're a gasoline consumer or an oilman, that abundant U.S. crude is messing with the world's energy order.

Economists Theorize Eurozone May Experience Triple-Dip Recession

To find out what's going on with the economy, Rachel Martin talks to David Wessel, director of the Hutchins Center at the Brookings Institution and a contributor to The Wall Street Journal.

School Facilities Strained By Boom In Petroleum Engineering

Students want to cash in on that growing job market. Those high paying jobs are also attracting petroleum engineering professors. So there are fewer professors to teach ballooning classes.

Economics Nobel Awarded For Work On Regulating Big Businesses

French economist Jean Tirole studies oligopolies — markets that are controlled by a handful of powerful, interdependent companies.

French Economist Wins Nobel For Market Power And Regulation Research

French economist Jean Tirole, 61, works at the Toulouse School of Economics in France. The economics prize completed the 2014 Nobel Prize announcements.

French Economist Wins Nobel For Work On Regulating Big Business

The Nobel committee said Jean Tirole has helped to reshape regulators' policies with his idea that the same rules have different effects — good and bad — in different industries.

Speculation Abounds Over Who Will Win Economics Nobel

The top contenders for the Nobel Prize in economics are said to be a pair of NYU professors who study entrepreneurship, and a Stanford researcher who did pioneering work into economic sociology.