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IRS Head Says Cybersecurity Problems Leave Taxpayers Vulnerable

With taxes on the minds of many Americans this week, a Senate committee looks at how vulnerable taxpayers' information is to cyber theft. The head of the IRS testifies on Capitol Hill.

On Equal Pay Day, Why The Gender Gap Still Exists

President Obama issued a proclamation making April 12 "Equal Pay Day." NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with Harvard economics professor Claudia Goldin about what's behind the pay gap between men and women.

5 Reasons Why The IMF Says Global Economic Growth Is Slowing

In January, International Monetary Fund's economists thought the global economy would grow 3.4 percent this year, but now they've back ratcheted that forecast.
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What Income And Geography Mean For Life Expectancy

New research shows location is a key factor in determining life expectancy for poor Americans, and confirms the disparity in health outcomes between the rich and poor. How health and lifespan are linked to factors like income, geography and gender.


British Parliament Grills David Cameron On Offshore Tax Connections

NPR's Robert Siegel talks to Michael Wilkinson, a political correspondent at the Telegraph, about the British prime minister's offshore tax connections revealed in the Panama Papers leak.

Goldman Sachs Will Pay $5 Billion For Misleading Investors On Mortgage Assets

U.S. officials say the firm sold mortgage-backed securities based on loans that were a lot riskier than they were supposed to be.

Life Expectancy Study: It's Not Just What You Make, It's Where You Live

A study of Social Security and tax records says poor people live longer in some cities than in others, and it's not clear why.

A D.C. Rapper's Love Song To A Gentrifying Hometown

Tarica June wrote "But Anyway" in response to quickening change in District. What she didn't expect was the wave of positive feedback — especially from other gentrifying cities across the country.

Hanging On: A Pressured Middle Class In Economic Recovery

In a new weekly segment, we'll examine the increasing pressure on the middle class and how that's driving political discourse. This week The Atlantic's Derek Thompson talks to us about economic fear.

The Newest Public Transportation In Town: Uber

Altamonte Springs, Fla., is the first U.S. city to subsidize Uber fares. It's a public-private partnership, with local businesses helping foot the bill. Officials hope it will help reduce traffic.