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Wisdom Of The Crowds? Online Effort Seeks To Raise Funds For Greece

A crowd-funding effort to get the $1.8 billion Greece needs to make a loan payment to the International Monetary Fund has so far raised $124,569. Donors get gifts ranging from salads to gift baskets.

Greece Seeks New Bailout From Eurozone

European finance ministers are meeting at 2 p.m. ET to consider the Greek proposal. The country has until 5 p.m. ET to make a loan payment to the International Monetary Fund.

As Budget Deadline Approaches, Illinois Faces A Government Shutdown

The budget expires on Tuesday and there's no sign of agreement on a new one. It's the first time in a dozen years that the solidly Democratic legislature has had to deal with a Republican governor.

A Financial Tragedy Plays Out In Greece: No Money And Debt Is Due

Greece's bailout money is gone, and it will miss a payment due to the IMF. Linda Wertheimer talks to Joanna Kakissis and Peter Spiegel of The Financial Times about Greece's tenuous hold on the Euro.

Facing Massive Debt, Puerto Ricans Warned Belt Tightening Will Be Needed

Puerto Rico's governor says the U.S. territory will be unable to pay off some of its more than $72 billion debt, and that terms will have to be renegotiated. He's also calling for big budget cuts.

Obama Expected To Release Rule Governing Overtime

The plan raises the cap under which most workers must get overtime for working more than 40 hours a week. It doesn't require congressional approval, but is expected to be criticized by businesses.

Greeks Brace For The Fallout As Deadline Looms

Greeks have lurched from one crisis to another in recent years and have learned to cope with uncertainty. Still, many are worried about what could happen when Greece misses a payment Tuesday.

The Economic Reality Of The Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

From less-complicated tax filing to reducing uncertainty over medical decisions, the Supreme Court's ruling will have a wide impact on same-sex households. It will also affect corporate policies.
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Tax Cuts Coming? D.C. Weighing Options For Bigger-Than-Expected Budget

The D.C. government is taking in more money than it initially estimated in its budget, mainly through a big jump in income tax receipts. But this unexpected bounty has created a new issue: what to do with this increased revenue?

Like Greece, Cash-Strapped Puerto Rico Needs A Fiscal Lifeline

Is Puerto Rico America's Greece? Like Greece, Puerto Rico is running out of money and needs more time to pay its bills. There are many similarities, but also important differences.