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Housing In 2015: Four Reasons For Optimism (And One For Worry)

Increased hiring and high rents could make this a banner year for homebuying. But a looming decision by the Federal Reserve could scare off potential buyers and disrupt the housing recovery.

How Driver's License Suspensions Unfairly Target The Poor

Losing your driver's license is a serious penalty, but often it's for nothing to do with unsafe driving. Without one, many who can't afford to pay the fines have a hard time finding or keeping a job.

More States Raise Minimum Wage, But Debate Continues

The minimum wage goes up in more than 20 states as the new year begins. President Obama wants the federal minimum to go up even more, but some affected industries say it will put a chill on hiring.
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New Year Brings Minimum Wage Bump For Workers In Maryland

A minimum wage bill passed in Maryland last year means the state's lowest-paid workers will see an extra 75 cents per hour on their paychecks.


Sanctions Intensify Russia's Free Fall Into Economic Crisis

The Russian economy took a big hit in 2014. The U.S. and other countries imposed economic sanctions after Russia annexed Crimea, but it was falling oil prices that really hurt the country.

Comcast-Time Warner Deal Tops A Year Of Corporate Mergers

This was a big year for corporate mergers, with $3 trillion worth of deals announced worldwide. Analysts say the strong acquisitive trend is expected to continue into next year.

Political Crisis Hammers Greece's Financial Markets

Markets in Greece were hit hard after the country called early elections. But this time, the problems in Greece are not spreading to markets in the rest of the eurozone.
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Mayor Gray Cuts Ribbons, Celebrates Economic Growth In Shaw

"One of our principal objectives was to stimulate the economy and try to diversify the economy in the city, and being able to see that Shaw is coming back in the way it is, is absolutely extraordinary," Mayor Gray said.

Looking To 2015, Economists See 5 Reasons To Celebrate

Economists' forecasts for 2015 have gotten even more optimistic as oil prices have declined. Most now say inflation will remain low as hiring strengthens. That should lead to more consumer spending.

Nonprofit Fights Illiteracy By Getting Books To Kids Who Need Them

For kids to be exposed to reading, families have to have books to read to them, which isn't a given — especially in low-income areas. First Book works to get quality literature into those communities.