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The Global Economy: A World Of Acronyms

Perhaps you're well aware of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China). But now there's MINT, CIVET and more. The emerging markets keep changing — and so do the letters.

The French Ask: Should We Be Building Warships For Russia?

France's $1.6 billion sale is the biggest ever by a NATO country to Russia. But in the wake of Russia's actions in Ukraine, the French are debating whether they should suspend the deal.

For Geithner, Financial Crisis Was Like Landing A Burning Plane

Former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner received mixed reviews of his performance during the financial crisis. In his new book, he says he did what was required to "keep the lights on."

Is White House Doing Enough To 'Bring Back Our Girls'?

Host Michel Martin talks about the top political headlines with Republican strategist Ron Christie and 'Political Junkie' host Ken Rudin.

Mormon Bishop Highlights Health Coverage Gap Among Utah's Poor

Republican governors across the country have taken a stand against Obamacare by refusing to expand Medicaid. Utah, one of the reddest states in the nation, remains undecided.

Why Take-And-Bake Pizza Is Giving The Tax Guys A Headache

These days more and more foods are straddling the line between prepared and unprepared, taxable and nontaxable. And that leaves policymakers with a strange conundrum: what to do about pizza.


On Income Inequality: A French Economist Vs. An American Capitalist

Thomas Piketty says governments must impose heavy taxes to break up concentrations of wealth. Edward Conard says governments should cut taxes to encourage wealthy people to pursue even bigger profits.

Controversy Over Spouses Of Tech-Saavy Immigrants Working In US

What does the new plan mean for the tech industry and the economy? Host Michel Martin speaks with immigration lawyer Laura Murray-Tjan and Vinny Lingham, entrepreneur and immigrant from South Africa.

What's Your Major? 4 Decades Of College Degrees, In 1 Graph

What is the mix of bachelor's degrees awarded today? And how has it changed since 1970?

One Family's Story Shows How The Cycle Of Poverty Is Hard To Break

Desiree Metcalf did not just become poor. A lot of bad things happened to get her there. Like many others who are poor, she doesn't have just one or two problems, but a whole pile of them.