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Not All Santa Costumes Are Created Equal: A Tariff Dispute Over Red Suits

Not all Santa costumes are equal under the eyes of the law. U.S. trade regulations draw a line between costumes and clothing. But it's a fuzzy line with real business consequences. Jacob Goldstein of the Planet Money podcast dons the red suit and black boots for this story.

Despite Energy Savings, Consumers In Vermont Remain Cautious

Average gasoline prices fell below $2 a gallon this week. That means U.S. consumers saved more than $100 billion this year at the gas pump, or about $550 per licensed driver. At the same time, falling natural gas prices — combined with warm temperatures in much of the country — will mean big savings on heating bills. But consumers don't seem to be spending more yet. Why? In Vermont, at least, people are worried about warm days hurting tourism.

Low Gas Prices Expected To Continue In 2016

U.S. drivers are becoming accustomed to lower prices at the pump, and sales of bigger cars are rising. But if people start driving more because they can afford it, will it hurt environmental efforts?

Russia Marks Crimea Annexation With A Banknote Rapidly Losing Value

The 100-ruble note is worth about half of what it was worth in February 2014, just before Russia seized the Black Sea peninsula. The ruble could depreciate even more in the coming year.

Homeless Veterans Face Challenges Beyond The Rental Check

Thousands of homeless military vets have government vouchers for rent. But landlords aren't always willing to accept them, partly because of tight housing markets and stereotypes about the tenants.

Analysis: Trump Tax Plan Boosts The Rich, Could Be A Drag On The Economy

The GOP presidential candidate's tax plan could cost the government $9.5 trillion in revenues over a decade — and be hugely regressive, according to a new analysis.
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Amid Scrutiny, Car-Title Lenders Refuse To Allow Release Of Their Reports

The fast-cash loan companies are at the center of a debate about how much information should be part of the public record and how much should remain under seal as proprietary information.


Impeachment Bid Against President Drives Political Turmoil In Brazil

What's going on in Brazil? The president could be facing impeachment, and the country is going through its toughest economic downturn in years. NPR explores some of the challenges Brazil is facing.

Amid Economic Recovery, School Districts Desperate For Bus Drivers

When unemployment is high, school districts have very little trouble finding drivers. But low unemployment spawns an exodus. In Nashville, Tenn., the needs are especially pressing.

What's Next For 2 Seniors Wrapping Up At A Big State University?

One, newly graduated from the University of Maryland, settles into a sometimes-daunting job hunt, while the other prepares grad school applications.