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A Tale of Two Counties: Loudoun Versus Prince William

New numbers from the Bureau of Economic Analysis show income growth in two Northern Virginia counties are on very different economic paths, despite relatively close proximity.


Some Liberals And Tea Partiers Unite To Oppose Trade Deals

President Obama is pushing for massive trade deals with Asian and European nations. Critics say the trade negotiations, which are conducted in private, aren't facing enough scrutiny.

GOP Leaders: Gas Tax Hike Could Fuel Fixes To Bad Roads And Bridges

Several states, including those led by Republicans, aren't waiting for Congress to shore up the federal highway trust fund and help pay for repairing worn out infrastructure.

'A Universe Beneath Our Feet': Life In Beijing's Underground

In China's capital city, even the humblest apartment can cost a fortune. But more affordable housing hides below the city's bustling streets, in tiny (and illegal) basements and bomb shelters.

Getting Your 'Shine On Is Becoming Increasingly Legal

Mention moonshine and you might think of an illegal backwoods still carefully hidden to evade authorities. But recently, legal distilleries have been popping up in a white lightning renaissance.

Labor Secretary: Job Growth Is Good, But Wages Need Help

Melissa Block speaks with Labor Secretary Thomas Perez about the latest jobs numbers and the persistent problem of wage stagnation.

'Blockbuster' Jobs Report Shows 321,000 Added To Payrolls

Previous months were revised upward and hourly wages climbed higher. All this has analysts wondering if the economy has finally kicked into a higher gear.

2014: The Year When The Job Market Finally Turned The Corner

Seven years after the Great Recession began, the U.S. job market finally is growing at a robust pace. In November, employers added 321,000 workers, raised wages and extended the average workweek.

Economy Adds 321,000 Jobs In November, Unemployment Holds Steady

The U.S. economy continued to chug along at a moderate pace last month. The number of unemployed Americans remained at around 9 million, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

November Jobs Report Shows Steady Growth

The unemployment rate held steady last month at 5.8 percent. And employers added 321,000 jobs to payrolls, far above expectations.