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Puerto Rico Calls On Congress For Help In Billion Dollar Debt Crisis

Puerto Rico has a billion dollars in debt payments due January 1 and the U.S. territory's governor says the island may default. If forced to choose between making debt payments or paying for vital public services, Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla says he will choose Puerto Ricans. The heightening crisis has spurred Congress to take action, but it might not come until the island is insolvent.

Highflying 'Emerging Markets' Had Their Wings Clipped In 2015

A weakening commodities market, hindered largely by the slowdown in China, has hurt economies in Latin America, Africa and elsewhere.
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The Gym Desert East Of The Anacostia (Rebroadcast)

If you live in one of the D.C. neighborhoods that feels like it has a yoga or spinning studio on every other block, you might be surprised to find out that there are no private gyms in Wards 7 or 8.


Tax Breaks, Falling Costs Are Boosting Wind And Solar

Congress has extended tax credits for clean energy as part of a $1.8 trillion spending bill. Solar and wind power companies say it will catapult the industry at a time when costs are already falling.

Bright, Young, In Limbo: Film Sees Migrant Farm Life Through A Child's Eyes

José Anzaldo is a third-grader who is a math whiz. He's also the son of itinerant lettuce pickers. A new documentary explores what might become of this promising boy.

Paid Family Leave Gains Ground For Private, Public Sector Workers

This was a big year in paid leave policies, especially among private firms. Some cities and states also passed bills to expand parental leave ahead of Congress, which is considering the Family Act.

Arguably, These Are The 5 Business Stories That Shaped 2015

Compared with the Great Recession years, 2015 was a fairly tame time. Still, at least five stories had major impacts. They involved everything from crashing oil prices to merging beer companies.

Brick-And-Mortar Stores Go Further To Get You In The Door

While online shopping grows, traditional retailers are amping up their in-store experiences to draw in customers. But online stores are realizing they have something to gain from physical stores too.

Not All Santa Costumes Are Created Equal: A Tariff Dispute Over Red Suits

Not all Santa costumes are equal under the eyes of the law. U.S. trade regulations draw a line between costumes and clothing. But it's a fuzzy line with real business consequences. Jacob Goldstein of the Planet Money podcast dons the red suit and black boots for this story.

Despite Energy Savings, Consumers In Vermont Remain Cautious

Average gasoline prices fell below $2 a gallon this week. That means U.S. consumers saved more than $100 billion this year at the gas pump, or about $550 per licensed driver. At the same time, falling natural gas prices — combined with warm temperatures in much of the country — will mean big savings on heating bills. But consumers don't seem to be spending more yet. Why? In Vermont, at least, people are worried about warm days hurting tourism.