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Teaching Swim Lessons Keeps Young Woman's Budget Afloat

Alexis Powers, who lives in Atlanta, recently graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in anthropology. She doesn't have a 9-to-5 job and is hustling to help support herself.

After Factory Layoffs, Struggling To Stay On The Economic Ladder

Lynn Eldredge has had six different jobs since he was laid off from a tractor manufacturer in 2000. Fourteen years later, he makes the same amount of money at his current job that he did back then.

Why Are Men Leaving The American Workforce?

In the 1960s, men slowly but surely began leaving the workforce and many never came back. The trend continues today. Economists cite a number of reasons, from technology to international competition.

A Snapshot Of The Spike In Inequality, As Seen From Dayton

A new report released by the U.S. Conference of Mayors has found that jobs gained since the recession pay dramatically less than the jobs lost during the recession. To comment on the findings, Nan Whaley, mayor of Dayton, Ohio, speaks with Melissa Block.

Detroit Struggles To Get People Who Bailed On Water Bills To Pay

Bankrupt Detroit is dealing with $90 million in delinquent water bills. And it's not just residents who aren't paying their water bills, even some businesses have missed payments.

Shazam! Now You Look Like A Better Borrower

The company that controls the FICO credit score says it is changing the way the scores are calculated, making it easier for millions of borrowers to look better on paper.

Investors Pump Prospects Of Unproven Ebola Treatments

Drugs in development to treat Ebola virus are far from being ready for general use, but that hasn't stopped investors from rushing to talk up companies that are trying to develop the drugs.

White House Seeks Ways To Go It Alone In Keeping Companies Stateside

The Obama administration is exploring ways to prevent U.S. businesses from relocating abroad to save money on taxes. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew indicated that Congress would need to act, but now the administration says it is looking for ways to act on its own.

Italy Unexpectedly Slips Into Recession

The move raises concerns about the health of the European economy overall. This is the third time the third-largest economy in the European Union has been in recession since 2008.

Summer Food Program Tries To Reach At-Risk Kids

For millions of kids, being out of school means missing out on a free or reduced-price meal. Summer food programs try to meet the need but for every child they reach, seven more kids miss out.