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IMF Predicts Europe's Economic Growth Will Continue To Be Weak

The U.S. economy is recovering slowly. Europe's economy is doing much worse. David Greene talks to David Wessel of the Brookings Institution, who is back from a European Central Bank forum.

Economic Upswing Has Fewer Americans Receiving Food Stamps

Last year, about 1 in 7 people in the U.S. were getting food stamps, or SNAP benefits. But the numbers have started to drop as more people find work and better-paying jobs, analysts say.

Germany's Economy Is Doing Well — And That's Bad For The Eurozone

A recent report out of Brussels says Germany's economy is prospering — and that's a big problem for the rest of the eurozone. Our Planet Money team reports on how doing extremely well can cause trouble when you're a member of a group.

Conservatives, Environmentalists Found Common Ground In Cap And Trade

Ambassador C. Boyden Gray, former White House counsel to George H.W. Bush, assisted in the development of the cap-and-trade system. He talks to Robert Siegel about how the system evolved over time.

The Economy Takes A Dip, But Analysts Look For It To Snap Back

The latest U.S. report showed growth shrank in early 2014, but talk of a recession is unwarranted, economists say. They blame a harsh winter and say strong consumer spending signals a rebound.

U.S. GDP Fell 1 Percent; First Drop In 3 Years

Government analysts blame the first-quarter slump on "a significant decline in inventory investment," especially among car dealerships. Jobless claims fell by 27,000 last week, to 300,000.
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D.C. Council Approves Tax Cuts, But Not Without Controversy

Income tax rates for many D.C. earners would go down as part of a plan that got initial approval on Wednesday, but would make up that revenue by taxing businesses and making other cuts.


Lifting Ban On Crude Oil Exports Would Boost U.S. Economy

Ending the four-decade ban on U.S. crude oil exports would lower gasoline prices, create jobs and boost government revenues, according to a study by the energy arm of IHS, a global consulting firm.

When College Isn't Worth It

Higher education always pays off. Except if you do these three things.

Reverse Food Truck Caters To Hunger Relief Programs

This summer in Minnesota's Twin Cities, a new kind of food truck is on the streets. Instead of selling food, this truck is collecting it and giving it to people who need it.