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Liberty Media To Buy Formula One For $4.4 Billion

The U.S. cable giant has been on a buying spree, and acquiring the Formula One auto-racing franchise would boost its sports offerings.

Ireland Debates Collecting Unpaid Taxes From Apple

NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with Fintan O'Toole, an op-ed columnist for The Irish Times, about how collecting back taxes from Apple could transform Ireland.

An Economic Mystery: Why Are Men Leaving The Workforce?

Millions of men in their prime working years have dropped out since the 1960s — they aren't working or even looking for a job. Factors including technology, education and family reasons play a role.

Minn. Nurses Walk Picket Line After Talks With Allina Health Fail

The nurses oppose the company's demand to end health care plans sponsored by the nurse's union and replace them with corporate-sponsored plans which have higher deductibles and out-of-pocket costs.

Clinton Promises To Help Create Manufacturing Jobs Of The Future

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump says if he's elected president he will bring back some of the millions of manufacturing jobs that the United States has lost in recent decades. Democrat Hillary Clinton has a manufacturing plan as well, one she says will help create the manufacturing jobs of the future.

Why Your Facebook Habit At Work Makes Economists Worry

Productivity, a key measure of the economy's health, has been growing more slowly in recent years. Can Facebook and other social media distractions on the job be partly to blame?
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Two Views On The Jim Crow South And Its Legacy Today (Rebroadcast)

Two perspectives on life in the Jim Crow South: how white children learned to believe that black Americans were inferior and the crushing conditions that motivated millions of African Americans to move from the South in search of a better life.


Data Suggest Economic Outlook May Be Improving For Middle Class

American household income may be rising. Steve Inskeep talks to David Wessel, director of the Hutchins Center at the Brookings Institution and contributing correspondent to The Wall Street Journal.

China Shows G20 World Leaders Its Temporarily Blue Skies

As world leaders arrive in China for the G20 summit, China is cleaning up the facade of the city of Hangzhou by closing hundreds of factories for one week, making the skies temporarily smog-free.

Multinational Manufacturing Giants Opening More Plants In South Carolina

On Labor Day weekend, we wanted to take a look at one place in this country where factory jobs are increasing. In South Carolina, multinational manufacturing giants are expanding.