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Study Shows Long-Term Benefits Of Welfare Program

Data from the Mothers Pension Program, launched at the turn of the 20th century, finds benefits on education, income and longevity. It's the first to document benefits over the span of a century.

Low Gas Prices Haven't Slowed Domestic Drilling — Yet

With gas prices plunging below $3 a gallon, motorists have plenty to celebrate. But people in oil-producing states, where low prices mean fewer jobs and less government revenue, are starting to worry.

Holiday Travelers Should Expect Packed Planes, Higher Fares

With fuel prices down, profits are up. But that doesn't mean you'll be able to find cheap airfares, especially over the holidays: The airline industry is predicting its busiest season in years.

Bankruptcy Judge: Detroit Deal Nearly Miraculous

Even as Detroit attempts to exit municipal bankruptcy and wipe away its debt, the city still suffers widespread unemployment. Experts say it will take Detroit years to become healthy again.

A Challenge To The New Congress: Fix Stagnant Wages

The 2014 election's over, but NPR's Linda Wertheimer says we should still be talking politics, every week. Specifically, she hopes lawmakers will come together to do something about wage stagnation.

Liberia's 'Flags Of Convenience' Help It Stay Afloat

The weak Liberian economy has been hit by the Ebola crisis. One thing Liberia does have going for it is an unusual export — its flag. The Liberian flag is the second most popular flag flown by international cargo ships and is a huge source of revenue.

'Grand Bargain' Will Help Save Detroit — And Its Art

A federal judge in Detroit ruled favorably on the city's "grand bargain" on Friday, approving the city's exit from Bankruptcy. We look at the role foundations played in bringing it about and the Foundation for Detroit's Future, which will be set up in the wake of the verdict.

Beyond The Unemployment Rate: Look At These 5 Labor Indicators

The unemployment rate tells only a partial story about the labor market and the state of American workers. Five other measures provide a fuller understanding of the economy and the nation's workforce.

Judge Approves Detroit's Plan To Exit Bankruptcy

The deal worked out by the city's emergency manager includes shedding $7 billion in debt and borrowing hundreds of millions of dollars to implement the strategy.

Economy Continues Adding Jobs, Unemployment Rate Dips To 5.8 Percent

The economy added 214,000 jobs in October, less than the 248,000 produced in September, but just enough to continue pushing the unemployment rate down.