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Suicide Rate In U.S. And Europe Climbed During Great Recession

Scientists can't prove a causal link, but the disturbing correlation in the data deserves a closer look, researchers say. Some countries seemed more resilient than others.

A Campaign To House The Homeless Reaches A Milestone

The campaign to find permanent homes for 100,000 homeless people, including the chronically homeless, was started four years ago. Now, the group behind the push says it has reached its goal.

Across Europe, Anti-Uber Protests Clog City Streets

Cabbies from London to Berlin are protesting the smartphone-based, on-demand car service Uber. They say Uber should be subject to the same rules as taxis; many fear they'll be driven out of business.

Could Detroit's Automakers Save Its Art Treasures?

Chrysler, General Motors and Ford offered up a multi-million dollar deal to help the bankrupt city of Detroit. But are there any strings attached to the cash and will it be enough to save the city?

A Radical Way To Make Banking Safer: Get Rid Of Banks Entirely

Banks lend our money out, and that money can be lost if the bank collapses. One radical solution to this problem is to get rid of the banks. Peer-to-peer lending outfits offer a preview of what a world might look like without banks. The lending outfits match potential borrowers and lenders, cutting banks out of the process entirely.

Detroit's Big 3 Pledge Millions To Help City Workers' Pensions

Ford, General Motors and Chrysler are offering a multimillion dollar donation toward a deal to ease pension cuts for retirees, and preserve the lucrative collection at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

How Coal Industry Jobs Coexist With Rising Sea Levels In Virginia

Virginia is dependent on coal mining and export, but it also faces routine flooding from rising sea levels. That irony is a very real, day-to-day problem for residents.

In Booming San Jose, Businesses Settle Into A Minimum Wage Hike

Since an increase in 2013, the minimum wage in San Jose is now one of California's highest. Some businesses have thrived in the past year, but for others, it's a more complicated picture.

To Sell A House In California, It Might Need Good Feng Shui

Chinese nationals are buying real estate in historic numbers in Southern California. That's got some sellers using a new sales pitch: Location, location, location — and chi.

Job Outlook Brightens For Graduates, Though Problems Linger

The Class of 2014 is coming into a labor market that now offers a record number of jobs. But May's employment report also shows 9.8 million people remain out of work, and the jobless rate is stuck.