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U.S. Steel Says China Is Using Cyber Stealth To Steal Its Secrets

The steelmaker is asking a U.S. agency to investigate its claims that the Chinese government not only dumps steel at unfair prices, but also uses computer hackers to steal intellectual property.

To Lure Patients, Pennsylvania Hospital Refunds Unhappy Customers

As patients increasingly have more choice in hospitals, hospitals look to stand out. Geisinger Health is taking cue from retail and refunding unsatisfied customers. Experts say that's smart business.

Comcast Buys DreamWorks Animation For $3.8 Billion In Race Against Disney

Cable industry analyst Craig Moffett says this move puts Comcast in closer competition with Disney — not necessarily on the big screen, but on television and among other comcast-owned franchises.

Economists Say Trade Is Good, As Long Resources Are Refocused On Workers

As opposed to renegotiating trade deals, some economists argue a better approach would be to support those who've lost jobs. The U.S. has underfunded employment programs, compared to other economies.
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Wayne Pacelle: "The Humane Economy"

This has been a significant year for the animal rights movement. Sea World vowed to stop breeding orcas. And Walmart pledged to sell only cage-free eggs. The head of the Humane Society on how consumer pressure and innovation are driving animal protection.


Florida Gov. Scott Tries To Attract Businesses To The Sunshine State

Gov. Rick Scott heads to California next week for a second trade mission to try to encourage businesses there to relocate. Other states he's visited: New York, Connecticut, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

Terrorism Fears And Travel Bans Shake Tourism In Turkey

In Istanbul's Grand Bazaar, a merchant calls it the worst tourist season in nearly four decades. Terrorism fears and a travel ban by Russia, an important source of tourists, are keeping visitors away.

Chinese Investors Reeling After Wealth Management Firm's Collapse

The $5 billion Shanghai company was the third financial firm to collapse in China since December. "Every time I take a bite of food," says an investor who lost everything, "I feel I am wasting money."

Want To Remodel? Buy A Car? You Still Have Time To Get A Cheap Loan

Fed policymakers are seeing more risks that could derail the U.S. economy. For example, China's growth is slow and our energy sector is weak. So the Fed chose Wednesday to keep interest rates low.

Venezuela Cuts Public Employees' Workweek To 2 Days To Save Energy

President Nicolas Maduro says public sector workers will work only on Mondays and Tuesdays. Venezuela is grappling with drought that has shrunk water levels at the country's main hydroelectric dam.