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America’s Aging Population and Slowing Economic Growth

A new study concludes that America’s aging population is slowing the economy’s growth. As baby boomers retire in large numbers, what the “age effect” means for workplace productivity, wages and economic performance.


Rental Car Companies Face Challenges In Age Of Ride-Sharing Services

As more business travelers opt for services like Uber and Lyft, traditional car rental companies are facing new challenges. But companies are fighting back.

20 Years Since Welfare's Overhaul, Results Are Mixed

The new program did work for millions of families. The idea was that people would be encouraged to find work if they knew their monthly checks would end, but instead, some have been left high and dry.

The Financial Trials Of Child Care For Working Families

It can be a major budget item for families. Rachel Martin talks to Rebecca Resman, a mother of two, who after trying out several different child care options, decided she couldn't afford to work.

Hopping On Hashtag Bandwagon, Host Rachel Martin Recounts Her #FirstSevenJobs

Social media feeds have been peppered with the hashtag #firstsevenjobs for the past few weeks. NPR's Rachel Martin shares her list, from store window mannequin to English teacher in Japan.

Major Budget Cuts, Poor Ticket Sales Will Force Downsizing For Paralympics

The International Paralympic Committee says there's not enough money to fund the games, which start next month. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with IPC spokesman Craig Spence about the financial crisis.

London Opens Up Long-Awaited 'Night Tube' Trains

London begins all-night service on its underground railway system Fridays and Saturdays. The city hopes to draw creative talent who want to work in a city that never sleeps.

Rule 40: How The Brands Blackout Impacts Olympic Athletes

An International Olympic Committee rule stipulates that only official sponsors can market around the Games. Oiselle CEO Sally Bergesen tells NPR's Scott Simon why she feels the rule hurts athletes.

Modern Television Portrays Complex View Of The Middle Class

As part of the All Things Considered series, "The New Middle," we take a look at how the middle class has been portrayed on television.

Federal Judge Throws Out Uber Driver Class-Action Settlement Offer

Uber drivers claims that they should be compensated as employees, not independent contractors, get a boost. Negotiators for the drivers had okayed the deal but the judge wasn't satisfied.