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The Democratic National Convention

Sept. 4 -Sept. 6 in Charlotte, N.C.

WAMU will cover the major stories at the conventions and explain how they effect people living in the D.C. area. Check back regularly for updates.

Join Kojo Nnamdi for special coverage of the RNC and DNC
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In Love, Married — and Homeless

We'll talk with Bryon and Davinia, a homeless couple who got married a year ago on Valentine's Day — and are still living on the streets.

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View From The Convention: Kojo Nnamdi's Impressions From The DNC

Kojo Nnamdi joins WAMU 88.5's Morning Edition host, Matt McCleskey, to discuss the Democratic National Convention's finals speeches and events.
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After DNC, Virginia Delegates Will Bring Obama's Charge Home

Virginia delegates to the Democratic National Convention are leaving the gathering fired up and ready to criscross the state on behalf of President Obama for the next two months. 

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DNC 2012 Roundup: Obama: 'I'm Hopeful Because Of You'

President Obama provided a the grand finale for the Democratic National Convention Thursday, asking the delegates to help him win four more years in office. 

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Convention Night Call-In: DNC Thursday

Before the last prime time speeches at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday, host Brian Lehrer heard from reports and analysts, including WAMU reporter Matt Laslo.

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McAuliffe Puts Off Talk Of Virginia Gubernatorial Candidacy

Many consider Terry McAuliffe a shoe-in to run for the office of Virginia Governor as a Democrat, but at the DNC convention, he said that will wait until after the November election.


'My Two Moms' Author To Highlight Gay Rights At Convention

A man who gained national attention for his story of growing up with lesbian mothers is scheduled to address the Democratic National Convention on Thursday. Zach Wahls says he wants to send the message that kids who grow up in families like his turn out just fine.


Obama Neutralizes A Typical Source Of GOP Strength: Foreign Policy

Having given the order to kill Osama bin Laden, President Obama has silenced decades of Republican carping that Democrats are weak on defense. That still might not win the president many votes, however.

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View From The Convention Floor: Virginia Rep. Gerry Connolly

Virginia's swing state status has made it a prime target at both political conventions. Virginia Democratic Congressman Gerry Connolly makes his pitch for why President Obama is the man to meet the needs of the commonwealth.


What The Democrats' Do-Over Really Says About Party Platforms

Democrats had to make some hasty and awkward changes to their 2012 platform. The GOP platform passed smoothly but contains some controversial language. Important as it is to set down in writing what a political party believes in, it has become increasingly verboten to talk about it too publicly. There are two big reasons why.