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The Democratic National Convention

Sept. 4 -Sept. 6 in Charlotte, N.C.

WAMU will cover the major stories at the conventions and explain how they effect people living in the D.C. area. Check back regularly for updates.

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Donna Edwards Discusses Women, Gay Marriage At The DNC

Maryland Congresswoman Donna Edwards is slated to speak at the Democratic National Convention this week, and she speculates as to how the role of women and the issue of gay marriage will play in Charlotte, N.C.

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DNC 2012: Democrats Get Their Turn To 'Come Together'

Democrats are descending on Charlotte, N.C. this week for the party's national convention, and talk of the economy  — and whether American are "better off" than they were four years ago — is taking center stage. 


At DNC, Julián Castro Tackles Comparisons To President Obama

Castro will become the first Latino to give the keynote at a Democratic convention, so the stakes are high for a relative unknown.

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A View From The Convention: Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski

Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski speaks about her role at the Democratic National Convention, a planned program to honor women in the Senate and the Democrats' message on health care.  


Are You Better Off? That's The Question As Democrats Gather

When Democratic Gov. Martin O'Malley of Maryland answered "no," Republicans jumped on the comment. Vice President Biden weighed in, saying the answer's yes because "bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive." Expect much more to be said.

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Mikulski To Honor Women In The Senate At DNC

Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski is at the Democratic National Convention this week, and she'll spend part of her time highlighting prominent women in politics. 

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DNC 2012: Virginia Takes Prime Floor Spot, Just Like At RNC

Delegates are gearing up for the start of the Democratic National Convention tonight, and Virginia's delegation has a seat front and center on the convention floor — much like at last week's RNC.


Memorable Moments From Democratic Conventions Of The Past

A look at five memorable Democratic conventions of the past, beginning in 1956 — when presidential nominee Adlai Stevenson threw the decision on naming a running mate to the delegates.


The Undocumented Bus: In Charlotte, A Different Kind Of Coming Out

A new generation of immigration activists are flaunting their illegal status and are pushing reform as a human rights issue.


Can Obama 'Reintroduce Hope' At Convention?

As Democrats convene to nominate Barack Obama for a second term, the president will try to seize what one political analyst calls "the most precious moments a political party gets" — a prime-time conversation with the American people.