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National Cathedral: Spires Removed For Repair

Pinnacle strapped to a crane

A crane began lowering pinnacles off the National Cathedral today so they can be repaired of the damage they sustained during the Aug. 23 earthquake that struck the region.

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Va. Requests FEMA Funds For Flood Damage

va. flood cleanup

In the wake of the flooding that struck Virginia in September, Governor Bob McDonnell is seeking disaster status, in order to receive funds from FEMA.

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FEMA Denies Virginia Aid Following Quake

culpeper earthquake damage

FEMA has denied Virginia officials' request for aid, following the August earthquake that left an estimated $15 million in property damage.

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Physical And Emotional Mess Remains After Va. Flooding

trailer park cleanup

The community in Woodbridge, Va. is still struggling to pick up the pieces after Tropical Storm Lee rendered dozens of residences uninhabitable.

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Washington Monument Climbers Finish Up

washington monument climber

The engineers that have captivated the D.C. region by rappelling outside of the Washington Monument wrapped up their inspection for earthquake damage on Wednesday.

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National Cathedral Repairs To Cost $25M

Officials at the National Cathedral now say it will cost upwards of $25 million to repair the damage caused by the 5.8 magnitude earthquake that struck the region in August. 

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NRC: Va. Nuclear Plant Not Damaged In Earthquake

The federal government's nuclear regulators say Dominion did what it was supposed to when an earthquake shook its North Anna Power Station in Virginia in August.

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Climbers Rappel Washington Monument To Assess Damage

workers rappel washington monument

It's not Mission Impossible -- it's the National Park Service. Workers rappel down all four sides of the Washington Monument Tuesday to assess damage from the August 23 earthquake.