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Readers' Review: "Year of Wonders: A Novel of the Plague" By Geraldine Brooks

Join Diane and her guests for our October Readers’ Review of Geraldine Brooks' novel, "Year of Wonders." It's based on the true story of measures taken by the residents of a small 17th-century English town to protect themselves and others from the plague.

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Hurricane Sandy And The 2012 Presidential Election

Hurricane Sandy has disrupted lives up and down the East Coast. Diane and her guests discuss the storm's impact and possible effects on the 2012 presidential election.

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National Cathedral Repairs Begin On Anniversary Of Earthquake

A crocket stone was blessed and put into place on Thursday afternoon, as repairs on the National Cathedral officially begin on the anniversary of the 5.8 magnitude earthquake that struck the D.C. region.

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Climate Services

Tech Tuesday explores how government planners, farmers, energy companies and a range of other businesses use climate and weather data for short and long-range planning.

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Montgomery County Residents Target Pepco, PSC, At Hearing

Pepco wasn't the only one under fire at a Maryland Public Service Commission hearing on the company's storm response last night; the commissioners themselves became a target of Montgomery County residents' ire.

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D.C. May Get FEMA Funds For Derecho Cleanup

D.C. will be eligible for some disaster recovery funds from FEMA to help cover the cleanup from the powerful thunderstorms that ripped through the region in late June.

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Commission Denies Pepco Rate Increase Request

The Maryland Public Service Commission denied Pepco's request for a 4 percent rate increase, citing the utility's history of poor performance, even as thousands remain without power.

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Pilot Identified In Ocean City Banner Plane Crash

A banner plane of the kind that are often seen over the sands at the beach in Ocean City, Md. crashed early Thursday, killing the pilot, who has since been identified.

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Pepco Raked Over Coals Even As Rate Hikes Considered

Pepco continues to face criticism for their response to storm damage in late June, and at least one local politician called the utility's request for a rate hike 'ridiculous.'

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Condemned Riverdale Apartment Complex Displaces 200 People

An apartment complex in Prince George's County is condemned because of damage from the recent storms, forcing 200 people to find a new place to live.