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Japanese Exchange Students Deal With Disaster From Afar

Across the D.C. region, Japanese college exchange students are struggling to make sense of the news emerging from their home country.

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Washington Dulles Busy Processing Arrivals From Japan

Washington Metro area airports are processing arrivals from Japan as some people leave the island nation to escape the aftermath of Friday's earthquake.

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Fairfax Rescue Crew In Japan Monitors Radiation Levels

Rescue workers from Virginia's Fairfax County are continuing their efforts in Japan; sifting through the ruins of a town demolished by last week's earthquake and tsunami. They're trying to help find any survivors while they monitor radiation levels nearby.

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Local Task Force In Japan

A local Virginia task force, made up of volunteer firefighters and rescue personnel, is in Japan helping to locate survivors and aid the people there.

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Festival Organizers Request Support For Relief Efforts In Japan

Organizers of Washington's National Cherry Blossom Festival are urging people to donate to the American Red Cross for earthquake relief efforts in Japan.