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Bethany Beach Backs Off Plan To Take Over Umbrella Business

A Delaware beach town looked to take over the beach umbrella business to fill their emergency fund, but had to change plans after an outcry from residents.

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Fear About Ebola Taxes Rural Hospitals

A Delaware woman repeatedly contacted emergency services saying she had contracted Ebola — highlighting how the mere threat of the virus can tax limited resources in rural hospitals.

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Lawmakers In Coastal Communities Still Resisting New Wave Of Food Trucks

Laws in coastal communities like Rehoboth and Ocean City continue to favor brick and mortar restaurants — something that a new wave of food truck entrepreneurs and their customers would like to see changed.

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Singing And Praying Band's Traditions Stretch Back To Slavery

The Singing and Praying Bands of Maryland and Delaware have been key in the African-American Methodist community for generations.

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Delaware Schools Struggle To Make Room For Unaccompanied Minors

It's not just the D.C. Metro area that has had to respond to an influx in Central American — Delaware's largest school district is also trying to figure out how to provide these kids the support they need.

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Researchers Explore Factors Contributing To Beach Injuries

What factors contribute to injuries at the beach? Researchers at the University of Delaware are looking into surf-zone injuries and comparing them to the conditions on the coast.

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Two Chicken Megafarms Proposed In Delaware

Delaware is already a big state for the poultry industry, but proposals for two new megafarms could take things to the next level.

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On Independence Day, Celebrate Your Patriotism At These Parades

Today is Independence Day, and along with barbecues and fireworks, there's little more patriotic than parades. Here are some of your favorite local parades.
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Thinking Small To Solve Environmental Problems In The Chesapeake

The Choptank River, which begins in Kent County, Delaware, is emblematic of the environmental problems facing many of the waterways in the region, and is a source of interest for scientists and environmentalists in the region.

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Dewey Beach Nightlife Puts Business Owners At Odds With Town

Business owners in Dewey Beach, Delaware, have complained about the cost of business licenses in the popular party town, but town leaders have defended them, saying they are necessary to keep the town's nightlife in check.