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District May Temporarily Change Flag To Protest Lack Of Autonomy

District flag2

A bill before the D.C. Council would change the District's flag, if just for one day, to protest the government's lack of autonomy.

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Kojo Nnamdi Show-Washington City Paper Poll

We explore a new Kojo Nnamdi Show-Washington City Paper poll of 1,222 registered D.C. voters to reveal what locals think of recent political controversies and quality of life issues.

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Norton To Push Budget Autonomy During Lame Duck

D.C.'s non-voting member of Congress is hoping to convince lawmakers to vote on budget autonomy for the District during the lame-duck session after the November election.

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The Politics Hour

Maryland Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown (D) hangs out with the Politics Hour crew in the studio.

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Council Supports Referendum On D.C. Budget Autonomy

All 12 D.C. Council members signed on to an amendment to the D.C. Charter offered by chair Phil Mendelson that may offer a path to budget autonomy by referendum, circumventing the congressional process.

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Mayor Gray Says Inauguration A Platform For D.C. Autonomy

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray said Tuesday that city leaders plan to use next year's inauguration ceremony as an opportunity to spread the call for autonomy in the District to a nationwide audience.

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D.C. Mayor Turns Focus To DNC In Statehood Fight

D.C.'s ongoing battle for statehood faced a setbacks this week as Republicans made their opposition to statehood part of the national platform. Now, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray will turn his attention to Democrats. 

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Commentary: Council Corruption Should Not Impede D.C. Rights

Corruption within the D.C. Council should not affect the push for greater autonomy at home and representation in Congress, says Ilir Zherka of the group DC Vote.

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Norton: D.C. Budget Autonomy Closer Than Ever

District leaders are wondering if this will be the year that Congress releases its hold on the D.C. budget.

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D.C. Abortion Activists Stake Out Office Of Rep. Franks

Dozens of protesters staked out the office of Republican Congressman Trent Franks Wednesday, hoping to get him to answer for his interference in the abortion policies of the District.