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Washington, D.C.'s population balloons during a typical work day, as hundreds of thousands of people clock in and out to keep our nation's capital ticking.

Many of these people are devoting their time and talent to jobs you won't find anywhere else in the country: from the man who collects the objects left at the Vietnam War Veterans Memorial to the taxi drivers who shuttle tourists and political power brokers through the city.

On D.C. Gigs, we visit these people on the job and turn up the mic as they tell their stories, share their dreams, and shed light on what it means to support themselves, feed their families and help shape the National Capital Region.

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D.C. Gigs: Piloting The POTUS Across D.C. And Around The World

Our "D.C. Gigs" series returns with a profile of Captain Charlene Thoreen, who pilots a helicopter for the President of the United States.

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D.C. Gigs: Building (And Rebuilding) The National Cathedral

We tour the National Cathedral with a mason who not only helped build the iconic building, but is now helping with its post-earthquake repair.

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DC Gigs: They Call Him 'Father Time'

In this month's edition of D.C. Gigs, we'll meet the head of the Time Service at the U.S. Naval Observatory — a man sometimes referred to as 'Father Time.'

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D.C. Gigs: Running The Show At City's Newest Ice Skating Rink

In the latest edition of D.C. Gigs , we'll meet one of the women keeping the ice in prime condition at the Navy Yard's new Canal Park skate rink.

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D.C. Gigs: Investigator Seeks Priceless Artifacts

In this month's D.C. Gigs, we meet Kelly Maltagliati: a criminal investigator who tracks priceless possessions stolen from the National Archives.

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D.C. Gigs: Bugler Honors the Fallen

In this month's edition of D.C. Gigs, we meet a bugler who plays "Taps" at the funerals of the fallen at Arlington National Cemetery.

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D.C. Gigs: The 'Voice Of God'

In this month's D.C. Gigs, we meet a "Voice of God": a professional announcer who makes the announcements you hear at galas and conferences in the nation's capital.
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D.C. Gigs: Helping Those On The Fringe In A Wealthy Suburb

In this month's D.C. Gigs, we visit a homeless shelter in one of the richest locales in the country.

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D.C. Gigs: Pedaling Around Town With A Bike Messenger

In this month's D.C. Gigs, a bike messenger talks about the decline of her profession, and how instant communication has become a friend and a foe.

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D.C. Gigs: For Whom The Bell Tolls

In our monthly D.C. Gigs segment, we meet the man who makes the bells toll at the Washington National Cathedral.

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