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Washington, D.C.'s population balloons during a typical work day, as hundreds of thousands of people clock in and out to keep our nation's capital ticking.

Many of these people are devoting their time and talent to jobs you won't find anywhere else in the country: from the man who collects the objects left at the Vietnam War Veterans Memorial to the taxi drivers who shuttle tourists and political power brokers through the city.

On D.C. Gigs, we visit these people on the job and turn up the mic as they tell their stories, share their dreams, and shed light on what it means to support themselves, feed their families and help shape the National Capital Region.

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D.C. Gigs: Catering to Washington's Powerful

In this month's D.C. Gigs, Occasions Caterer's Assistant General Manager Paul Varga talks about the joys of working some of the hottest parties in town.

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D.C. Gigs: Master Educator

In this week's D.C. Gigs, a former teacher talks about the high stakes of working in the education industry.

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D.C. Gigs: Selling 'Express'

This week's D.C. Gigs series introduces us to one of the "Express" vendors outside the Tenleytown Metro.

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D.C. Gigs: Pouring at the Pour House

In this week's D.C. Gigs, we learn of the art of slinging drinks.

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DC Gigs: Fighting HIV/AIDS

In this week's D.C. Gigs, we meet an HIV/AIDS educator who works with youth to help them prevent the spread of the virus.

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D.C. Gigs: Taxi Driver

In this week's D.C. Gigs, a D.C. taxi driver tells tales from her 36 years of driving around the nation's capital.

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D.C. Gigs: Recovering Memories at NPS

In this week's D.C. Gigs, we learn about the challenges of preserving the vast amount of memorabilia recovered from the region.