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Did You Miss The D.C. Mayoral Debates? Here's Everything You Missed.

Here's all the audio, video and reports from the D.C. mayoral debates you could ever use.
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Obama, The Endorser-In-Chief, Backs Bowser In D.C. Mayoral Race

President Obama may not be a D.C. voter, but today he added his voice to the ongoing D.C. mayoral campaign by endorsing Muriel Bowser.
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WAMU 88.5's D.C. Mayoral Forum

Kojo moderates a debate between the three major candidates for mayor of the District of Columbia.

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At Second Debate, Bowser And Catania Sharpen Attacks — And Tensions Boil Over

The simmering tensions between D.C. mayoral candidates Muriel Bowser and David Catania broke out into a full boil at a debate on Thursday night, as the two continued to spar over ethics, education and affordable housing.
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The WAMU 88.5 Mayoral Debate: Tweets, Audio & Video

WAMU 88.5's D.C. mayoral debate generated a lot of action on Twitter, under the hashtag #WAMUdebate. Check it out here, along with audio and video clips.
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What Would You Ask The D.C. Mayoral Candidates?

In advance of tonight's debate, WAMU 88.5 asked voters for the big questions they want answered by D.C.'s mayoral candidates.

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At Debate, D.C. Attorney General Hopefuls Fight To Woo The Many Undecided Voters

D.C. residents have never voted for an attorney general, and the five candidates vying for the office ahead of the first-ever election in November used a debate on Monday to try and sell themselves as the best possible contenders for the job.
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Undecided D.C. Voters, We Want To Hear From You!

WAMU 88.5 is looking for D.C. voters who have not yet decided who they'll vote for in the upcoming mayoral election.
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Bowser And Catania Take Swipes At Each During First Mayoral Debate

The first of four D.C. mayoral debates was largely defined by Muriel Bowser and David Catania, who attacked each other on matter of style and substance.
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Watch The First D.C. Mayoral Debate

D.C. mayoral candidates Muriel Bowser, David Catania and Carol Schwartz went head to head Thursday at 7 p.m. at American University, and you can watch it here.