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Listen: D.C. Election Analysis From WAMU 88.5's Patrick Madden

WAMU 88.5's Patrick Madden and Matt McCleskey discussed the upcoming D.C. elections during Morning Edition.

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D.C. Elections Board Predicts Marijuana Initiative Will Help Fuel High Turnout

The director of the D.C. Board of Elections says that a marijuana legalization initiative and competitive mayor's race could fuel high turnout on Nov. 4.
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What Does It Take To Get Voters To Register In D.C.?

How can D.C. turn its flood of young new residents in to local voters?

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Most D.C. Voters Back Pot Legalization, Say Redskins Name Is Disparaging

A majority of D.C. voters say they will vote for a ballot initiative that would legalize the possession of marijuana, and believe the name of Washington's football team is disparaging to Native Americans.
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In Fight Over Pot Legalization In D.C., Proponents Far Outspending Opponents

The group backing a ballot initiative in D.C. that would legalize the possession marijuana has raised and spent more money than the group opposing it.
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As Election Day Nears, Norton Highlights Inequities For D.C. Residents

Voters around the country will elect voting members to the U.S. Senate and House next Tuesday, but as D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes is quick to point out, D.C. voters don't have the same privilege.

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With Election Day Closing In, New Poll Has Bowser With 17-Point Lead Over Catania

A new poll from The Kojo Nnamdi Show and Washington City Paper show Muriel Bowser with a 17-point advantage over David Catania in the race for D.C. mayor.
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D.C. Elections Board: 'We Messed Up' On Voter Guide

Our bad, says the D.C. Board of Elections on mistakenly printing 300,000 voter guides that had an upside-down D.C. flag on the cover.
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Gray Calls Upside-Down D.C. Flag On Voter Guide A 'Complete Fiasco'

Mayor Vincent is harshly criticizing the D.C. Board of Elections for mistakenly sending a voter guide to 300,000 households that had a upside-down D.C. flag on the cover.
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As Early Voting Starts, Polls Put Bowser Ahead Of Catania

Early voting in D.C. started on Monday, and polls find Democrat Muriel Bowser ahead of Independent David Catania by anywhere from four to 17 points.