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Brianne Nadeau Upsets Graham For Ward 1 Democratic Nod

Muriel Bowser's victory over incumbent mayoral candidate Vincent Gray was the headliner, but perhaps the biggest surprise from primary day was Brianne Nadeau upsetting Council member Jim Graham for the Democratic nomination in Ward 1.

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Gray Campaign Hangs Loss On Thompson Plea, Early Primary

Mayor Vincent Gray was defeated in his bid for reelection on Tuesday night, which members of his campaign are attributing to the charges brought against businessman Jeffrey Thompson just three weeks before the primary.

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Problems Plague Tallying Of Results On Night Of D.C. Primary

A number of technical glitches delayed the posting of full and accurate results of the D.C. primary on Tuesday, leaving voters frustrated and campaign workers unsure of where their candidates stood in relation to the competition.
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Bowser Defeats Gray In D.C. Democratic Primary

D.C. Council member Muriel Bowser capitalized on the ongoing federal investigation into Mayor Vincent Gray's 2010 campaign to defeat him in Tuesday's Democratic primary.

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Primary Scenes: Shallal Hopes Voters 'Listen To Their Heart'

Restaurant owner Andy Shallal isn't throwing in the towel just yet.
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Primary Scenes: Gray And Bowser Just Miss Each Other In Ward 4

It's been months of campaigning and canvassing, and this morning the two front-running mayoral candidates narrowly missed each other at a polling place in one of the city's most contested wards.
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Live Blog: Council Member Muriel Bowser Wins Democratic Nod For Mayor

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray faces seven challengers today in the District's Democratic primary. We'll have continuous updates from the polls on the WAMU 88.5 live blog throughout the day, and you can tune in at 8 p.m. for special #DCision14 coverage with Kojo Nnamdi.

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Low Early Voting Totals Could Mean Light Turnout For D.C. Primary

In less than 24 hours, the polls will open in the D.C. mayoral primary. And if early voting is an indication, turnout could be low for tomorrow's election.