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Over the last three years, scandal and controversy have descended upon D.C. City Hall. Three Council members have pleaded guilty to felonies, and two of them have been forced to resign. At the same, three people associated with Mayor Vince Gray's 2010 mayoral campaign have pleaded guilty to participating in a straw donation campaign orchestrated by D.C. businessman Jeffrey Thompson, who himself has come under scrutiny by federal investigators. Government advocates have pushed for broad campaign finance reforms and a strong ethical framework, to limited success.
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In Wake Of Indictment, D.C. Activists Renew Call For Campaign Finance Reforms

Good government activists say that this week's indictment of a former D.C. Council member proves that more work is needed on reforming the city's campaign finance laws.

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Barry May Have Illegally Accepted Gifts From City Contractors

The longtime D.C. council member took $6,800 worth of gifts from two companies that do business with D.C.

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In Fight For Deals, Developers Make Well-Timed Campaign Contributions

Some developers working together on a project donated to the same candidate on the same day, while others devoted their highest annual donation total the year they received a subsidy.
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D.C. Development: Fixing The System

D.C. has to look no further than its neighbors, Maryland and Virginia, for ways to hold developers to their promises. Meanwhile, critics call for campaign finance reform.
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Empty Promises: Developers Often Don't Deliver

Developers receiving subsidies pledge jobs, affordable housing and other benefits for D.C. residents. Yet with little oversight and enforcement, many of the promises were downsized, delayed or broken.
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Million-Dollar Properties, $1 Deals

Parcels of city land—often valued at millions of dollars—have been awarded to politically connected developers, some for pennies on the dollar. Since 2008, D.C. lawmakers have approved 20 of these land deals, at a loss of more than $200 million in city assets.

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Major Campaign Donors Score Hefty City Subsidies

Construction cranes can be seen throughout the District. Less visible are the symbiotic relationships between land developers and city officials awarding tax breaks and discounted land deals. WAMU investigates.
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D.C. Council Member Jim Graham Violated Metro Code Of Conduct

An independent review has found that a D.C. council member violated the code of conduct of Washington's Metro transit system.

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Michael Brown Wants Publicly Financed Council Races

One D.C. Council member is calling on the city to examine publicly financed campaigns after some recent trouble with his own campaign accounts.

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Gray Donor Pleads Guilty To Conducting 'Shadow Campaign'

New details are emerging in the hearing for PR executive Eugenia Harris, who has been charged with making straw contributions to candidates, including D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray, and participating as well in a "shadow campaign."