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Flipped Off: In D.C.'s Thriving Market For Renovated Homes, It's Buyer Beware

What happens when a family discovers that its home is a poorly renovated mess? And in a hot market that has attracted some unreliable and careless developers, can D.C.'s inspectors and regulators keep pace with the industry? This special three-part series looks at the perils of house flipping in the nation's capital.

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Illegal U-Turns Still Pose Big Problem On Pennsylvania Avenue Cycle Track

Despite promises to make it safer, the Pennsylvania Avenue cycle track in downtown D.C. continues to be plagued by illegal U-turns, leading to a spate of recent crashes.
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Work To Rebuild Rock Creek Park Trail To Begin This Fall

After years of delay, work is expected to start on the popular but crumbling walking and biking trail in Washington.

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Structure In Watergate Garage Collapses, Injuring 1 Person

First responders are picking through the rubble Friday after a structure within the Watergate complex collapsed.

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Why Do People Jump Metro Fare Gates? Because They Can

Metro says they will be stepping up police presence at some stations to curb assaults against employees — but will they address what is often the underlying issue: riders jumping the fare gates.

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D.C.'s Medical Marijuana Program Faces Surging Demand, Limited Supply

Now that D.C.'s medical marijuana program isn't as restricted as before, dispensaries say they're grappling with a major surge in demand.
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D.C. Doctor Shares What She Tells Kids About Marijuana

Legalized marijuana has a way of making kids think it's safe — but medical professionals insist that its effects on developing brains can be significant.

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An Uncomfortable Link Between Race And Marijuana Arrests In D.C.

African Americans are more likely to be arrested for pot possession — and less likely to play a role in the business of marijuana cultivation in the nation's capital. What does that say about D.C.?

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A Tale Of Two Cities: Federal Workers Left Out On Legal Pot

For many federal workers, marijuana use is still verboten, even though D.C.'s local laws allow for it. Might that be changing?

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How Marijuana Defense Lawyers Helped Make Themselves Obsolete

Since the decriminalization of marijuana use, D.C. attorneys say there aren't many pot defendants who need their services anymore, and that's the way they like it.