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Automatic Refunds For Bad Metro Service? Riders Say It's An Overdue Idea.

Some of Metro's customers say it's time for the transit agency to adopt a more robust refund policy that would automatically reimburse fares when trains are late.


‘No Suits. No Corporate Control.’ Remembering The Freeform Heyday Of WHFS 102.3

“WHFS in Bethesda, Maryland, coming to you from high atop the Triangle Towers. Ease on back, take your clothes off and have some wiiiine…”...

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A Quarter Of Metro's Board Would Get A Makeover Under Senate Legislation

As one of Metro's "jurisdictions," the federal government makes four appointments to the board. The legislation, pushed by the D.C.-area Senate delegation, would move that authority from the General Services Administration to the secretary of Transportation.

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A Storm, A Friend, And Redemption: A Street Sense Vendor Is 'Still Standing'

The unlikely duo of Gerald Anderson and Susan Orlins collaborated on a book about a life on the margins, Hurricane Katrina, and redemption.

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At 'Low Point,' Metro Leadership Acknowledges Self-Inflicted Wounds

The interim general manager of the second-busiest commuter rail system in America officially conceded what many riders and outside observers have been saying: Consistently poor service is pushing customers away.

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Council Member's Million Man March Message: Economic Power, D.C. Statehood

Council member Vincent Orange says the theme of "Justice or Else!" is about using the minority community's economic power to better effect. The march will mark the 20th anniversary of Louis Farrakhan's 1995 event.

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White House Nominates Channing Phillips For D.C. U.S. Attorney

Phillips, a former prosecutor and spokesman for the office, is being picked over acting U.S. Attorney Vinnie Cohen.
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Why Does D.C. Have So Many Vacant Houses, When Real Estate Is So Pricey?

D.C. has more than 1,100 vacant buildings, many in some of the city's trendiest neighborhoods. Why don't property owners do something with the houses, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and why doesn't the city crack down?
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In Damp Metro Tunnels, Prehistoric Plants Thrive

Metro's dimly lit stations and damp leaky walls are the perfect environment for a fern species dating back 65 million years. But does the ferns' presence indicate maintenance problems in Washington's subway system?
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For Metro, A Shift To Federal Oversight Might Bring More Questions, Not Fewer

Does the Federal Railroad Administration have what it takes to help turn Metro around? Experts say that oversight from the agency would come with its own gaps and challenges.