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D.C. Asks For More Time To Respond To Handgun Ruling

D.C. officials say they need more than 90 days to respond to a recent ruling overturning the city's ban on carrying handguns outside the home.
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TSA To Train Officers To Better Recognize D.C. Driver's Licenses, Says Norton

The Transportation Safety Administration will take steps to train airport security officers to better recognize D.C. driver's licenses, according to D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton.
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By The Numbers: Crime And Policing In D.C.

Want to know how many people were arrested in D.C. in 2013, and what they were arrested for? Curious how many people call 911 every year in D.C., and how long it takes for police to respond? Look no further.
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Regulators, Cabbies, Uber Agree: Illegal Street Hails Have To Stop

Agreement between Uber and D.C. taxis is rare enough, but when it comes to unaffiliated drivers picking up riders on streetcorners, all parties agree that something that needs to be done.

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American University Gets Proactive To Address Underground Frat

The underground fraternity Epsilon Iota drew a firestorm at American University earlier this year when a slew of sexist and racist emails were leaked, prompting a number of changes before the start of this school year.

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Woman On Moped Struck By Truck In Chevy Chase, Dies Of Injuries

A woman struck by a truck in Chevy Chase as she rode her moped has died from her injuries.
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Attorney Asks D.C. To Pay $54k In Fees For Handgun Case

The attorney who filed the lawsuit that recently led a federal judge to toss out D.C.'s ban on carrying handguns outside the home is asking that the city pay him for the time he spent working on the case.
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Measuring Metro's Performance: A Tight Squeeze Through The Rosslyn Bottleneck

Metro says that it tries to get 26 trains through the Rosslyn tunnel every hour, but a number of problems have seen that service drop — much to the chagrin of many commuters.
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D.C. Tattoo Artists Say New Regulations Could Drive Them Out Of Business

A year-long battle over regulations for tattoo artists and body piercers in D.C. sees no signs of abating, as practitioners argue that proposed rules are unenforceable and would drive them out of business.
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Hundreds Rally In D.C. In Wake Of Shooting Of Black Missouri Teenager

A vigil to honor victims of police brutality drew hundreds of people to D.C.’s Meridian Hill Park last night.