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Where To Register For The White House Easter Egg Roll Lottery

Every Easter, the White House welcomes 30,000 people to the South Lawn for the annual easter egg roll, but tickets are allotted by lottery.

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Instead Of Cleaning Up Litter, D.C. Wants Kids To Learn Not To Toss It

Instead of paying to pick up litter every year, two D.C. agencies are now hoping to discourage young residents not to litter at all.
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D.C. Streetcar Breaks Out In 'Flash Fire' Over Weekend

There was still more trouble for the D.C. Streetcar over the weekend, after a "flash fire" broke out on top of one of the streetcars during testing Saturday.

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After Being Homeless, Former Government Worker Struggles to Maintain Identity

We meet a 51-year-old Baltimore native lost his home in 2011, and has been working to maintain his sense of self after he lost everything.
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Del. Holmes Norton's Tax-Preparation Fair Returns For 15th Year

D.C.'s voting delegate in the U.S. House says that with District residents paying such a high per-capita amount of federal taxes, it's only fair that they get some help with filing them.

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Rabbi Pleads Guilty To Voyeurism Charges, Faces Up To 52 Years In Prison

Prominent D.C. rabbi Barry Freundel is facing up to 52 years in prison after pleading guilty to secretly videotaping dozens of women.
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From Motel To Van To Shelter: One Family's Tumultuous Tale of Homelessness

A year ago, Tamika Smalls and her family were living in a motel room. Since then, they've slept in the family van, and are now living in a shelter.

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Homeless Residents Share What It's Like To Live Outdoors In D.C. In February

We'll meet some of the people who choose to live outdoors rather than stay in city shelters, even on brutally cold nights.

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D.C. Public Library Expands Outreach To Homeless Patrons

Homeless residents have often used public libraries as a place to stay warm or pass the time, and now the D.C. Public Library is embracing that role, hiring a social worker to train its staff on how to better serve homeless clients
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DC Brau Discontinues Free Samples, Citing Abuse By 'Bad Apples'

Getting a handful of free tastings is one of the joys of visiting a craft brewery, but one of D.C.'s biggest is stopping the practice thanks to some "bad apples."