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Owners Target Two-Year Timeline To Rebuild Frager's Hardware

The historic Frager's Hardware store was destroyed last year in a four-alarm fire, and now the owners say they are hoping to have the location back on its feet inside of two years.

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Undecided D.C. Voters, We Want To Hear From You!

WAMU 88.5 is looking for D.C. voters who have not yet decided who they'll vote for in the upcoming mayoral election.
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D.C. Says It Now Knows Why 40 Percent Of Students Don't Graduate

Forty percent of ninth graders in D.C. public schools don't graduate on time, and now city officials say they have identified some of the characteristics and challenges faced by those students.
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Low-Income Seniors Struggle to Stay in the City They Call Home

It's a tough time to be a renter in Washington, D.C. — and elderly residents on fixed incomes are no exception.
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Why Did African Americans Leave Georgetown?

For much of its history, Georgetown was home to a thriving community of African Americans. But most of those residents left as housing costs skyrocketed.

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11th Street Bridge Project Inspires Hope At Both Ends

Can a High Line-style park over the Anacostia River bring two sides of the city together?

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Battle Over 'Pop-Ups' and 'Pop-Backs' Exposes Fault Lines Over Housing in D.C.

As D.C.'s housing demand rises, developers are getting creative in carving more space out of existing homes. But not everyone is happy about that.
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Are Artists The Catalysts Of Gentrification In D.C.?

In D.C., the arrival of artists and arts organizations can be an early sign that a neighborhood will soon dramatically change.

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Legendary Gay Bar Seeks New Home East Of The Anacostia

Development forced D.C. Eagle to leave New York Avenue NW. Now it's moving across the Anacostia, but its owners insist they're not gentrifiers.
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The Politics Hour - Sept. 26, 2014

Kojo and Tom Sherwood chat with U.S. Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.)