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Henderson Focuses On High Schools, Career Training In State Of DCPS Address

D.C. Public School Chancellor Kaya Henderson gave her annual State of D.C. Public Schools speech on Tuesday night, focusing on the need to give District students the skills they need to succeed in the workplace.

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New D.C. Bill Would Require Uber To Provide Liability Insurance Coverage

D.C. Council Member Mary Cheh is proposing legislation to end the regulatory vacuum critics say has placed Uber users at risk.
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D.C. Government Workers Get Eight Weeks Of Paid Family Leave

Starting on Wednesday, the D.C. government's 30,000 employees will enjoy a perk few of their counterparts in the private sector get: paid family leave.
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At Debate, D.C. Attorney General Hopefuls Fight To Woo The Many Undecided Voters

D.C. residents have never voted for an attorney general, and the five candidates vying for the office ahead of the first-ever election in November used a debate on Monday to try and sell themselves as the best possible contenders for the job.
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DDOT Remains Mum On Key Streetcar Questions As Safety Campaign Begins

The District Department of Transportation is teaching kids about streetcar safety ahead of the 2.4-mile system's opening. But students presented pointed questions that officials were not able to answer.
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Congress To Grill Head Of Secret Service On White House Gate Jumper

Following news that Army veteran Omar Gonzalez penetrated further into the White House than originally reported, Congressional lawmakers will demand answers today from the head of Secret Service.

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As Streetcar Testing Winds Down, Safety Campaign Begins

To prepare D.C. residents for the new H Street NE streetcar, DDOT is embarking on a safety campaign with the slogan "Look, Listen, Be Safe."
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Lawsuit: Unless D.C. Gets Statehood, FBI Can't Move Out Of City

A D.C. statehood advocate is suing to stop the upcoming move of the FBI from D.C. to a suburban site in Maryland or Virginia, saying that a move would break an agreement between the federal government and D.C. residents who are denied voting representation.
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Owners Target Two-Year Timeline To Rebuild Frager's Hardware

The historic Frager's Hardware store was destroyed last year in a four-alarm fire, and now the owners say they are hoping to have the location back on its feet inside of two years.

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Undecided D.C. Voters, We Want To Hear From You!

WAMU 88.5 is looking for D.C. voters who have not yet decided who they'll vote for in the upcoming mayoral election.